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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ito ang hatid ng Kadiliman

Nailathala ko na ito noong isang taon ngunit nais ko paring ibahagi ito lalo’t angkop na angkop ito ngayong kapanahunan ng Halloween at sa tema ngayong linggo ng Litratong Pinoy. Ako ang isang taong di basta bastanng naniniwala sa multo o mga kababalaghang karugtong nito. Paki sundan nalang po ang mga ito upang inyong ganap na maunawaan. http://vanidosa.blogspot.com/2007/08/ghost-hunting.html
Ano sa palagay niyo? Kayo na po ang bahalang humusga.


I'm now an Official Soroptimist

Who we are
Soroptimist International is a worldwide organization for women in management and professions, working through service projects to advance human rights and the status of women. We currently have over 90,000 members in more than 3,000 clubs in 124 countries/territories.Soroptimists are women who use the special expertise and management skills developed in their working life to advance the status of women and make the world a better place. Membership offers the opportunity to work with like-minded women throughout the world for human rights for all, equality, development and peace.

I had to get up early from a recurring insomia to be at the Bulwagan (Manila City Hall) right at the Mayor's Office for an Oath Taking Ceremony with non other than the City Mayor himself administering. I came in at 1:00 a.m. as scheduled but the Mayor was still in the Summit at PICC. I was warmly welcomed by the Sampaloc Chapter President and Brgy Paco Chairman Carmen Moreno and the rest of the members with inspiring comments "winks". There was a couple from People's Tonight who were there to oficially cover the event and then asked if they can interview me soon about my Barangay Governance and activities when they deliver the photos.

I had started munching my Godilocks Mamon over iced tea when I saw the Mayor comng in. I can sense that he was in a hurry but still spent sometime for picture taking and to answer gladly a few questions from me regarding barangay affairs.
The Mayor signing my Oath


The child in us

I basically think that even when we reach the age of maturity or shall I say when we grow older; the child in us is revealed at some point. Personally, I love collecting dolls and a few dollhouses too. I have special liking for infants and baby looking ones with soft tender bodies. In one of my reflecting moments, I was asking my self why I have this special fondness for dolls. Then I remembered that when I was a child, I only have like two made of plastic– a girl and a boy I named “Bitoy”. My parents especially my eldest sister opted to buy informative books like Volumes of Child Encyclopaedia and the like. I have no regrets then because I have a now lot of those dolls I missed when I was a kid.


Food and Fun time with friends!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

After this EVENT , we proceeded to Clawdaddy's at Bonifacio High Street (again) for a round of our favorite Oyster Rockefeller and Spiced Crabs, an advance birthday treat by craving momma Edna for pretty daughter and inaanak Ginger. Of course any event or ordinary meetings isn't complete without the *kodakans* (photo sessions) with equally vain friend Edna and the cool as ever Connie.

Ginger, Connie, Edna, Me and Edna's eldest Chiclet
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

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It's feeding time!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Every barangay has an alloted budget for it's Nutrition Program. I *heard* that some are not too keen to exert effort to push through with this budget since *they say* this requires a lot paper works and feasibility studies plus running after the concerned signatories to finally claim the funds for it. I didn't care less since I thought of why not work hard for it to be able to feed indigent (some not) children rather than stock up the money that is really intended for them. Good thing we still have extra funds to advance this feeding sessions until we finally claim the intented budget for this. There will be 24 more sessions of this kind until the year ends.

A nutritious chicken macaroni soup with cabbage, carrots and potatoes was served yesterday for kids breakfast.


A different kind of Light

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eto na naman ako sumusulpot at muling nakikisali sa Litratong Pinoy ganoong napakatagal na yata ng huli kong lahok. Sana maunawaan niyo ako sa sobrang kaabalahan ko ay lagi ko ng nalilimutan na Hwebes pala ang araw ng LP. Lagi nalamang akong humihingi ng paumanhin tuwing maglalathala ako ng aking lahok. Pasensya na po.

Liwanag ang tema ng LP ngayon ngunit wala man kayong makitang liwanag o ilaw sa lahok kong ito. Itong aklat namang ito ay makapagbibigay ng ibang uri ng liwanag sa spiritual na buhay ng bawa’t isa sa atin. Dito nakatala ang mga salita at pangaral ni Jesukristo (gayun din ng ibang mangangaral at mga Propeta) na siyang magbibigay ng kakaibang liwanag.

Heto pa ang hiling na liwanag http://www.mariegvergara.com/?p=493

English Translation

Here I go again posting an entry for LP and always asking for apologies since my last entry seemed to be ages ago. Light or illumination is today's LP theme. You may not seem to see the theme in this photo of mine but I can say that there's a different light that this magnicent book can offer each one of us - Spiritual Light.

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Stray cats around Brgy. 885

I was inspecting the neighbourhood premises (Brgy. 885) around midnight last night as I always do to check on it’s cleanliness and the “tanods” on duty when I saw stand by garbage awaiting pick up early the next morning. Most of these piles of garbage were all scattered by stray cats looking for what to eat. I remembered my mother-in-law offering a 100 peso (almost $2) per cat for catchers and dump them to far away places. I began the "Operation Pusa" this morning, the stand-by boys were so eager and I paid for 2 caught. I gave them the condition not to kill the cat/s because I know it may bring bad luck. I’d like to say sorry to cat lovers out there, but these cats are a nuisance to our neighbourhood.


Regulate your child's play with xbox 360

Just like me, if you’re thinking of what to give for your “gamer” husband or kids on their special day or even this coming holidays, you can check out buy.com for the latest game gadgets and accessories they will surely love. They have the latest xbox 360 Pro System with a 60GB hard drive, HDTV-ready component AV cable, Xbox 360 Headset, Ethernet cable and Xbox Live Silver membership.

What I like best about Xbox 360 is its new, more robust Family Settings with features that will help parents control the online and offline game experiences of their children by selecting whether they can play online and whom they play with. By locking the console, they can only play games that meet a certain rating. The Family Timer also helps parents regulate what kids play and for how long.

Balancing my busy(ness)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last week was another busy week spent not only purely work, but family bonding and fun socials with my close group of friends as well. Preparations were done for the barangay assembly meeting as required by the DILG was held last Saturday with just a few of my concerned constituents in attendance. Issues on peace and order, garbage disposal and various proposed projects were tackled, after which a light merienda (snack) was served. There was also a time when I personally looked into the traffic and drove away obstructions around the Church premises, talked with some residents who have some personal sentiments against me and the Council and clear things out on cases filed against them and a lot more problems that I personally looked into. I also had to give in to an invitation of a fellow chairman to grace her daughter’s 18th birthday party and my once a month Sunday duty from 12midnight to 4:00am turn.
Barangay Assembly Meeting
Debut, with fellow Chairmen and Councilor Joey Uy

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Baby gifts

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I miss shopping baby stuffs! My youngest daughter, Queenie is turning sweet 16 while my grandkid Keren is already 9. While browsing through baby sites because I was thinking of buying a gift for a friend’s baby christening 2 weeks from now, I chanced upon a site that caters to baby beddings and nursery accessories. They offer fantastic designs and styles made from high quality crib bedding fabrics you will surely love to have for your babies as well as your recipients.

I suggest you check out their Crib Bedding Guide to get the most of your shopping for perfect baby items you will surely love.

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Deal or No Deal?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Was at the taping of an earling evening TV Game Show aired at 6:00pm over ABS-CBN 2 upon the invitation of my Comareng Connie (KC Concepcion's aunt) who were among KC's Kapamilya and there to assist in choosing or probably suggest lucky numbers. The show will be aired later today, Wednesday.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


My Palawan Trip

Monday, October 13, 2008

Was at NAIA Terminal 2 a little past 6am and checked in for an 8:00am PAL flight for Puerto Princesa. The airport was beaming green with the first batch of fellow 3rd and 6th District Chairmen all in their Green Uniforms. Thanks God the one hour air trip was generally smooth and calm, me just finishing a few rounds of Tetris in my mini lappy when the aircrew announced that we are finally preparing for our final descent.

Alighting from the plane's staircase, I was surprised with the warm welcome prepared for us. There was a military band in uniform playing and a group of ladies carrying leis of shells individually hanging each of them one by one on our necks. A group of Liga ng Mga Barangay Officers who went days before were also at Puerto Princesa airport to welcome and arrange everything for the said seminar. They took care of our luggage and were directed to our respective coaches to bring us to our Hotels and can yo imagine that our convoy was escorted by a motorcycle ridden policeman on the road trip? What an experience!

We reached the Hotel by 9:00am and I was billeted at Rm. 126 of the Asturias Hotel with 2 other Chairwomen who will be on the last batch arriving around 4:00 pm. After some final instructions, a few picture takings, we headed to Badjao Seafood Restaurant for a Buffet Lunch then back to the Hotel. I almost was in a middle of a nap when a fellow Chairman texted me and told me that a brief lecture has started after which we all proceeded to a tour of the City. We went to Iwahig Penal Colony, Crocodile Farm, Landfill area where we saw their odorless dumping site which contributes much on the maintenance of Palawan's cleanliness. We were instructed not to litter or throw cigarette butts around or we might get caught and penalized. Despite the rain in the late afternoon we went on our next at Mitra's Farmhouse and last for the day was Baker's Hill. BTW, we shopped at souvenirs at the mentioned places except at Mitra's. Dinner followed at Skylight Hotel's Open Dining Hall.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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For book lovers

Here’s a unique gift idea that I’m sure book lovers would love to have. Why not consider giving your loved ones a personal touch of their favourite books? Frecklebox.com offers personalized books for special people you care for especially young children who will surely be fascinated by its personal touch and give them memories that they will treasure for life. Check this wonderful gift suggestion and other unique toddler gifts for your little ones.


All set for Palawan

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Please read the rest HERE


A stimulating fat burner

Saturday, October 4, 2008

This sounds new to me and I bet to you too. But what really is Ephedrasil Hardcore? It is an appetite suppressing fat burner that contains a blend of the best stimulants, mood enhancers and appetite suppressing ingredients. It is 100% legal although you may think negative when you hear the word stimulants such as caffeine, synephrine or l-tyrosine. Stimulants are not bad if you are only aware of their strength and the recommended dosage suited to your body’s needs. If you’re sensitive to stimulants you may want to take it easy with Ephedrasil Hardcore. If you want to learn more about Ephedrasil Hardcore, please visit their official site so you can take a better understanding of this product.


MEETINGS....here and there

I was “Super” busy since last last week with Barangay official duties and Queenie’s school conferences (PTC). A joint meeting with two other neighbouring Barangays with their respective Chairmen and Council members was held in our place with a staff from DILG, Mr. Fort Austria which tackled a Program on Barangay Development Plan. Days after, another meeting with Health Center Officials and health workers on Dengue Awareness was held at the Sta. Ana Health Centre. Series of meetings followed on dissemination of those relevant informations to my Council including plans to be submitted to DILG for budgeting. I also called for an emergency meeting with my Peace and Order Staff to settle issues on laxity of Tanods and re-scheduling of duties.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Find the best auto insurance

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I wonder who among vehicle owners doesn’t have an auto insurance policy? This is a must for every one of us. Who will take care of claims when accident and road mishaps happen? How about repairs and maintenance? Finding the best insurance company for this purpose requires consideration and pondering. We need to get one that can help and assist us with problems as far as our valued car is concerned.