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I love Vegas!

Friday, February 29, 2008

The lights, the ambience and the look of delighted and happy people walking to and fro the strip simply make Las Vegas very awesome to me. That is the reason why on my next visit to Vegas, I will make it a point to be with my husband Rey so he will get the experience he missed when I and daughter Queenie traveled there two years ago and had so much fun. I will make sure to book from among the finest hotels Las Vegas can offer and it will be from i4vegas.com a trusted Vegas specialist.

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In support of GMA

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Manila Barangay Chairmen from 1st to 6th District were called in today upon the initiation of Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno. A big crowd came to show support to President Gloria Arroyo who was then very happy and with high spirits was very thankfu amidst the cheers. It was my first time to see this place. What I enjoyed too was the snack which I found so yummy specially the *empanada*. I didn*t exactly know if the feeling was psychological or the timing was just right in response to my grumbling stomach. Let me share some photos.







Best buy

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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Golden Girl Lulu

Happy Birthday to one of my Council Members Lulu. True to the saying "Do not Judge....." When I ran and won as Chairman and she likewise won as Kagawad, Lulu did not belong to my partylist and I thought she will be an opposition thinking her loyalty still belongs to her defeated Chairman. What I thought became a mere misconception. She became one of my ever loyal supporters and even became Queenie*s tutor.



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KAPITAN-Punta-Sta. Ana

Saturday, February 23, 2008


A dinner was hosted by Chairman Digna Castaneda (Board of Director-Liga ng Mga Barangay) to gather the Chairmen of the 33 Barangays comprising Zones 95-100 of Sta. Ana and Punta to join forces in organizing a common association. Prior to the organization of KAPITAN-Punta-Sta. Ana (Kapisanan ng mga Punong Barangay na Inihalal ng mga Taong Nagkakaisa) an election of officers was held. 27 out of the 33 Chairmen were in attendance and yours truly was unanimously voted as Secretary.


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Stay fit, exercise!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

There is hardly a week that passes without an article or study touting the benefits of exercise. The benefits of exercise sound fantastic but there is just one problem. You have really to exercise to gain the benefits! It is often suggested to join a gym or fitness center to maximize the effects but this poses much of a problem to others. What if you’re as busy as me or simply can’t for various reasons? I suggest you get a home exercise equipment just like me. It has been my morning routine to exercise using my stepper and stationary bike before heading to work or simply just to start right.

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Eden from Quebec!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We have been talking about this eyeball since late last year and alas! the time has finally come. Eden was among the earliest links of this site since I started blogging in late 2004. It didn't end up with just commenting but we sent email messages to each other and thus the friendship got even deeper when we shared our most hidden secrets, hahaha meron ba?

I picked her up at Ayala and we headed to Greenbelt for lunch at the Red Crab since she wanted to try Filipino dishes like kare-kare for one. Well as expected we had an almost endless talk like as if we've known each other for long. Cuz Girlie came a little late so Eden had to playback some of her stories. After a very looooong lunch, we window shopped at the newly opened Greenbelt 5 (although some boutiques have not officially opened yet).

What's a bloggers meet without the *kodakan* (picture taking)?
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Thanks for the pasalubong! Just love them! - the red purse, Maple Spread and Candies


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Brgy. I.D., De clogging 2, etc.

Friday, February 15, 2008



I'm happy that a few achievements have been done this week! Letter requests to the Vice, the Congressman and Councilors have been submitted pending approvals such as tanod uniforms, communication equipments, booms, outposts and I.D. forms and a vehicle for patrol.

I.D. forms are now also available for my constituents to avail of courtesy of Councilor Joy Dawis-Asuncion who gave us an initial 200 pieces. Another declogging was also done in preparation for the rainy days to prevent flooding. Please check this news on flooding.

Photobucket Photobucket

Not so good news - Brgy. electrical bill this month has gone double. I'm still checking on this one.

I was obligated to attend the pre internment mass this afternoon of a senior constituent who passed away. Oh my! I know it's part of of the job of a public servant.

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Red for V day

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A tag (no. 6) from :emmyrose which is very timely for this month of love

Here are the rules:

1. Post YOUR photo wearing red, may it be a red top, bottom, the least would be red accessories if you hate wearing red… If you can’t find one, you still have an option…. Either post your Significant Other’s photo or your child’s photo, if you have one. Of course, they should be wearing red.
2. Let us know the reason why you were wearing red that particular day. Was it your birthday? Is red your fave color or was it the shirt that you first saw in your closet that day?
3. Tag 3 people close to your heart. By the way, they have to be in your blogroll. No cheating heart pleaseeeeeeee!
4. Once you’re tagged, could we please keep it going - just for this month?

The photo above was taken a year ago during a cool photo session at Shenzhen, China. Oh yes! Red became a favorite color (yellow before) since my mother-in-law says it’s lucky and I believe she’s one lucky lady!
I’m passing this tag to ::Francesca, ::Cuz:: ::funkiemommy ::gwen-mari:: and ::Chant::

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Hopefully my very own MP3 player

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I have been longing to buy my very own MP3 player but you know how mothers feel and what they do to give in to their children’s whims. Oh yes! I had to sacrifice my personal desire for them first. My two daughters are lucky to have their own branded and latest models of MP3 players of their choice. I’m eyeing and hoping to buy this one very soon. Isn’t it cool?

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Meeting Francesca's girls

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Long time link turned friend Francesca sent something special for me from France through daughter Marghie whose in town for a brief vacation and taking her time off from her French Class back in Nice, France. She's with her Ate Lorraine when we met at the FoodCourt of SM Megamall. Earlier, I sent Cuz an SMS about the meeting but unluckily she and N has a scheduled coverage. Just like with Francesca and Michel, I felt comfortable with the girls at once even though it's our first time to meet in person. We talked about lots of things and of course the eyeball will not be complete without "the kodakan". Marghie in aqua and Lorraine in brown.

Photobucket Photobucket

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The vain kind of fish

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Photobucket Photobucket

Please meet my counterpart (who I named "Vanny" the vain fish) as what my hubs described it. He was bringing this excitedly the other day. Oh well, the gorgeous looking fish (haha gorgeous kuno!) looks really cute in it's natural lipstick and bodily print ala tatoo.

Speaking of being vain, being soooo... busy the previous weeks hindered these scheduled "beautification" but luckily I spared sometime yesterday to indulge. Please check some tips in my other blog .


Online business

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

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Kong Hei Fat Choy!


FengShui Expert's Good Fortune Tips

1. Be generous always
2. Light up an Oil Lamp
3. Learn to appreciate others specially those who have helped you in one way or another.


Optical Glasses at $8

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My two pretty daughters have been wearing eye glasses as early as when they were 5 years old. They keep changing glasses as often as twice a year from so so opticals so I thought of browsing online to find quality glasses for them. I came across Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses which look so neat, lightweight and inexpensive. Their styles is gorgeous and it has several frame that comes in cool colors to choose from. The Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical for only $8 is perfect for anyone whose looking for affordable prescription eye glasses. It's totally a Great Discovery: Zenni Optical and highly recommended for you and your family eyeglasses need . Check them out today.

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Barangay - The starting point

My two folders will almost be filled with memos, circulars, notices, announcements and the like from governments and private sectors exclusive of other documents I already handed to the Brgy. Secretary and Treasurer for concern, files and distribution.

I realized then how important the Barangay is to nation building. It’s being the smallest unit of government must not be underestimated because of its great relevance. How? Basic laws and ordinances of the City/Municipality/Province are distributed first in every Barangay. Can you imagine if every CONCERNED citizen in each Barangay abides by all these rules with the proper handling of the Barangay Officials? Voila! Then the national government may only experience minor or no problems at all, right?

From this entry, I will be subsequently posting entries on laws or ordinances I receive for your information and implementation.

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Meeting the EXes

Monday, February 4, 2008

We were at this party of an Ex Barangay Chairman who had graduated serving his Barangay for the last three terms. The party was fun and all conversations boiled down on affairs of the Barangay. Special guest such as his compadre non other than the former Mayor Lito Atienza and wife Ma'am Beng, the handsome papable Councilor Joey Uy and Ali Atienza (not in photo who aspired for the Mayoralty race last year and lost to now Mayor Lim) who came in a little late were their to grace the occassion. Here are some photos taken at last nights affair.
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

While at the party, I happened to bump into my childhood bestfriend's EX who happens to be in town for a vacation from San Francisco and a resident of the Barangay where the party was held.
He invited me over for coffee and we went straight to Starbucks Rockwell for some talks on the separation. After a while my hubby (hehe never to be an ex) my daughter Rhea and son-in-law Job followed to meet him too. Oh well! There were a lot of EXes that night..

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Vanidosa is now a Smorty Postie

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Tag no. 5 -Thursday thirteen - 13 This and That

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tag from prettylife, Thank you so much...


1. go to church2. go for a much needed Diamond Peel3. try finish the "pending" opps4. go to National Bookstore to buy styro and plastic for the Brgys’s Bulletin Board

FOUR THINGS I NEED TO BUY FOR MYSELF:1. a belt bag2. a new shades3. handy laptop (LOL!)4. a higher pixel camFOUR JOBS I HAVE HAD:. none

FOUR MOVIES I WATCHED OVER AND OVER:1. Pretty Woman2. While You Were Sleeping3. Notting Hill4. Sleepless in Seattle

FOUR PLACES I HAVE LIVED:1. Cotabato, Philippines2. Iloilo, Philippines3. - 4. -

FOUR SHOWS I WATCH:1. Marimar 2. E Channel 3. GMA 7 News4. Startalk

FOUR PLACES I HAVE BEEN:1. Jakarta, Indonesia2. Bangkok, Thailand3. Hongkong
4. Singapore and some parts in the USA

FOUR PEOPLE WHO EMAIL ME:1. Unsolicited e-mails2. Cuz Girlie and other friends3. Marisor and Brian 4. lots more to mention

MY FOUR FAVORITE FOODS:1. Salmon sashimi2. Crabs3. Chocolates4. Shrimps

MY FOUR FAVORITE BEVERAGES1. Mango Juice2. Tea3. Sarsi4. Sago’t gulaman

FOUR PLACES I WOULD RATHER BE:1. Home2. San Francisco 3. Las Vegas and 4. Paris

FOUR THINGS I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS YEAR:1. I am looking forward to good health and harmonious family life2. good health for family members 3. my daughters successful career in medicine if she pass the boards4. more strength to do sponsored posts

FOUR PEOPLE TO TAG:1. ::deden:: 2. ::Chant:: 3. ::gwen mari:: 4. ::Rosemarie

Thursday Thirteeners" If you want to try this one, feel free to have it on your blog too. Have fun!

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