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Kids and Their Music

Friday, August 23, 2013

Teenagers are so much into Taylor Swift nowadays and this include my youngest daughter and my grandchildren. I always see them listen to TS songs. I have not actually hear all of TS songs coz whenever they listen they use their headphones. I guess that's how teenagers nowadays listen to music. It won't come as a surprise if one they one of them will actually show me this tc electronic level-pilot at musician's friend. They are starting to be musically inclined and they now find interest with anything that has to do with music. I am happy that they are into it, our family really loves music a lot.

Music Requirement

My sister is in charge of the music ministry at their church. She is also the church pianist. It has been her ministry as far as I can remember. It's a good thing their church is always updated with the requirements. I've been suggesting here and there coz you know I am an internet junkie. She consults me for stuff that they might need. I don't know if they have a requirement for on-stage stands microphones but this will come handy when they need it. I think I can now make a list with the "music" stuff I encounter mostly in the internet.

Cleanup While Maring is Going On

Thursday, August 22, 2013

 photo maringcleanup_zps413e6a0e.png We need to take a rest too, you know. This is what we usually do after every strong rains, a major cleanup. This is to prevent clogging and eventually big floods in our area. I don't like seeing trash too that is why I take the initiative to lead my constituents. It's fun especially when a lot are participating. It goes to show that we all love our barangay. And yeah, did I tell you that we are considered as one of the cleanest barangay? Hooray to that!