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I Need Supplements

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I've already accepted the fact that I need as much supplements I can get. Lets face it, we no longer get the supplements we need in the food that we eat. Sad but I think everything is stripped already. What I do now is try to search for the best supplements and in one of my searches, I came across floradix. I think I want to try it since it's fruit and vegetable based. I want everything natural. Hopefully this would help not only me but also my readers who are in need of supplements to keep their bodies going.

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Happy Birthday Keren

Photobucket Happy Birthday dear apo! Teenager ka na!

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A Present

I'm looking for an anniversary present. I am running out of ideas anymore. I think I've given all sorts of gifts already but this time I'm thinking of something really special. I've been looking around in the mens diamond rings section and I think I found the perfect gift. I wish I can save enough money to purchase it, if not I can always give it on the next anniversary. Hhhmm would it be wonderful when someone gives you something even without an occasion? Hahaha, is this a hint or something?

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Bands in Churches

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Did you notice that protestant churches have bands nowadays? I wasn't really used to it because I grew up in a church where piano is the only one that provides music. I wonder if there are churches who still use only the piano. I've visited a couple of churches already and I noticed that they have a different praise and worship time now. Used to be solemn, I am not saying though that it's gone wild today, but yeah. Anyway, I'm sure those churches who have bands have this cool yamaha amp. It helps with the quality of music I guess. Oh I don't really know but you can enlighten me on this as I am not one musically inclined person.

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Nothing Can Stop Us

Photobucket Crazy isn't it? We got bored and hungry that's why we decided to wade in flood waters to buy some midnight snack over at 7/11. Hope this torrential rains stop already, it's bringing much damage to our country.


We Can Make our Own

Look what I discovered while surfing the net. I wonder if my friend knows about this. I'm talking about the salt cell. This is an alternative sanitizer for your pool. You can actually make your own chlorine with mere table salt. Cool isn't it? You don't need to worry about stocking up on chlorine or find yourself traveling to a store that sells it in case you run out. Salt is present in every kitchen, so I think you already get the picture.

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