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The Marching Band

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I always enjoy watching marching bands. I think this is a big thing in every amusement park. It has expanded too since you see it in malls already or in public places. It's some sort of an attraction now. I wonder who designs the marching band uniforms. It actually adds to the appeal of the band. It attracts a lot of attention too. I don't know why I really enjoy watching them. When I hear the familiar sound I often would rush to where the sound is coming from.

My Love for Caboodles

 photo caboodle_zps82123e89.png I couldn't stop admiring it. Had second thoughts if I really like it. I know I do because I keep coming back and checking it. I read somewhere that when a person touches a thing and checking it, tendency is she likes it and is willing to purchase it. I think this is true in my case. I was able to bring it home and I am extremely happy.

In Search of Headphones

Friday, February 28, 2014

Josh my nephew is into online gaming. I always hear from his mom that he is in constant search of a nice headphones. He checks the net every now and then for good recommendations and goes ahead to read the reviews of what he discovers. I heard his Mom mention the brand sennheiser. I hope I am not too late in sharing this sennheiser hd280pro from musicians friend. I have not talked with his Mom lately so I am not really sure if the boy was able to buy already. Hopefully not, because based on some online readings, it was mentioned that prices are more affordable in that website.

A Reminder

 photo quote_zpsca70082a.jpg I just love this quote. It's a reminder not to give my all because if I do I easily get hurt. It's been my experience. At least now I am starting to learn little by little and I can say that it really helps.

Great Reviews

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I am one of those that read reviews before buying. I was never like this before but since it is very convenient to google everything now, it has become a habit of mine. I guess you already know by now that everything there is has reviews already. Aren't you happy that someone is helping you decide when you are about to buy an item? I am really. It's like half of my decision rely on reviews. Now for those ones who need game camera, here's a Game Camera Reviews I found online. This might help you decide which one to get.

Our Little Ladies

 photo apos_zps9283113c.png The newest addition to our family is growing up soooo fast. Seems like only yesterday when I carried them in my arms, fragile babies at that time. But now they are strong. My other app even turned 1 already. Gosh I can't believe it. Time flies really fast and before we know it they will be celebrating their 18th birthday. My oh my!

Useful Links

Monday, January 6, 2014

I don't know if this will help, but I found a website for a hydraulic valve. Some of you my dear readers might be in need of it. At the moment I don't exactly know if we need it since I really haven't checked on our company's needs, but I still went ahead and posted it. Hope you guys find this helpful one way or another. This is what I usually do when I find something helpful. I share it with everyone. I usually appreciate it when I find links that are useful in other blogs so this is what I am doing. Hope it gets appreciated too.

Today is the Day

 photo quote_zpse0e772a2.png Need I say more? Yeah let us all do it today, tomorrow may not come, alrighty?

Who Needs a Bass Guitar?

Thursday, December 26, 2013

I can't pass up this opportunity to tell everyone what I have come across in the internet. In case you guys need some musical instrument for a band, for your church's music ministry, I'd like to share with you these peavey bass guitars at Musicians Friend. They've got good reviews. I think to us who usually order stuff online, reading good reviews is very important. Well to me personally it's like I'm so dependent on it since that's the only way you will find out if a website is legitimate or not. So far so good. I have not really come across something that is not legit online. I'm quite lucky I know.

Merry Christmas!

 photo withyeng_zpsd277df3e.png A very Merry Christmas to one and all. I'm sure everyone had a great time celebrating the birth of Christ Jesus. May we always know the reason of the season.