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Everything You Need to Know

Monday, April 15, 2013

I am so thankful that we have internet at home. I know each household has one already and there are a few left without it yet. Well we have the politicos to take care of that. Anyway, what I love about having internet at home is that I don't get bored. I get to discover a lot of things from beauty and wellness to stuff that I don't even know exist. Take for example these manual clamping systems. I have not heard about such a thing until I came across it in the internet. See, this is what I mean, I get to learn and discover a lot of stuff everyday. Hopefully the rest of my countrymen be given the opportunity browse the net since we are in the computer age already.

Trip to the Mall

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-15at14334AM_zps7cceeb42.png Oh lookie! Who went to the mall? I think this is her first and she is a little confused?  Where am I?  Why is everything huge?  But I love it here since it's a bit cold rather than stay in the house.  I hope my parents get to bring me here often.  Oh wait, did I get all my shots already...I need to be protected so I don't get sick.

Needs Improvement

I have not really paid attention to our family business. I know a little improvement here and there will help strengthen the biz. I hope I get the heads up when I introduce a few that I have in mind. With the kind of competition nowadays, one has to think of ways and strategies to get ahead. Since we are in the manpower business, http://www.easybackgroundchecks.com can help and make things easier for us. I believe that they can do more in a short span of time since this is their expertise. Hopefully I am not alone when I suggest this, and they too will see the need for it.