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LP 47 : Bulaklak

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mala bulaklaking kasuotan
May naging paanyaya ang mga Punong Barangay sa taunang Piesta ng Pandacan noong nakaraang buwan at ang pinaka aabangan Parada ng mga iba't ibang grupong nagsilahok dito. Nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataong masaksihan and Paradang ito na tinaguriang "Buling Buling" na dumaraan sa mga pangunahing kalsada sa Pandacan. Ang tatlong grupo sa itaas ay ilan lamang sa mga nagsilahok na halos isang daan sa bilang ng kabuuang grupo.

Floral Attires
Chairmen of different Barangays from the 6th District of Manila were invited to grace the annual Buling Buling Parade to highlight the annual Pandacan Town Fiesta. I had the chance to witness the very colorful Parade of various groups totalling almost a hundred and the above were only a part. The parade passed by the main avenues of Pandacan.


Cyber Monday Shopping

This may sound a bit odd to some of you but for shopaholics out there, the expression Cyber Monday rings a bell. Based on what I have read, the term originated or was conceived by Shop.org and was used within the ecommerce group during the 2005 holiday season. According to its head, the term was created based on research showing that 77% of online merchants reported a significant increase in sales on the Monday after Thanksgiving in 2004. Since then, the idea has survived the test of time and has evolved into a significant marketing event because online retailers offer low prices and promotions. So why not shop on the Web on Cyber Monday?


Sharing some Love on Heart's Day

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's day was spent with some less fortunate residents of Brgy. 871 & 872, once again sponsored by our Church, The Next Generation Int'l Christian Church and it's generous members, Alay sa Bayan Foundation headed by Tonyboy and Anna Aquino. Our vehicles (6 of them) convoyed all the way to the long narrow road, thickly populated and depressed areas of Kahilum I, Pandacan, Manila. We were warly welcomed by each Chairwoman, Councils and Tanods of both barangays and of course their constituents (500) who were all very happy and thankful to receive a few kilos of rice and some grocery items.
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Best acne treatments, oh where?

Just like weight loss pills, beauty and vanity products have also been swarming the market these days. Dermatological and aesthetic clinics offer varied services from head to toe because people get vain and wish to look good all the time. A friend who is acne prone once asked me where she can avail of the best acne treatments. I just gave her a startled look and passed the query to my daughter who knows a lot about acne meds. After all, acne has never been my problem.


Wishing You All

Friday, February 13, 2009



LP 45 - Puso (Hugis Puso)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Paborito ko ang Tiffany. Ang pulseras sa itaas ay matagal ko ng gamit pang araw-araw sa humigit kumulang sa apat na taon na at laking tuwa ko ng makahanap ako at makabili ng ka terno nito.

Yes! I'm a certified Tiffany lover. If I'm not mistaken, I've been using this bracelet for about 4 years already and glad to have found it's perfect matching necklace right before my birthday.


All about health

I Thank God I’m up and fine after days of terrible headaches and fever. I just remembered it started last Sunday when I did a site inspection of two adjacent depressed Barangays in Kahilum, Pandacan, Manila which I tapped – (recommended, chosed) as our Church’s Community Service Ministry beneficiaries for this Saturday’s Gift Giving activities to 500 poor constituents of Brgys. 871 and 872. As a chronic *sinusitic* I think some allergens triggered my nasal passages. I need to see a specialist because I was warned that frequent attacks may lead to meningitis. OMG!

Another health update
With the overcrowding exposures of weight loss pillsin the market today, one will get into a dilemma on which among them will give the optimum result for each needed requirement. The fast growing number of manufacturers clearly proves that there’s a great demand for diet pills. There are a lot of health conscious individual fighting obesity and unwanted weight gain to achieve a much healthier condition. To stay fit and trim is the answer.


ball lock pins

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tools are man-made or machine manufactured devices that make work a lot easier for us. Good examples of which are ball lock pins. They are usually used for fastening as well as locating operations. Some other uses include machinery manufacturing, nut and bolt replacement, mining machinery, automobile industry, agricultural machinery and electronics. Ball Lock Pins are ideal for fastening and locating appliances that require positive, secure holding but have quality features such as the user-friendly, "tool-less" removal convenience provided by ball-lock technology. They operate on a principle of interconnected balls, assuring secure and safe fastening. Such a helpful tool!


LP 44 - Tsokolate

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Superior 9 Eyes Dzi with Faceted 8 Shaped Citrine Bracelet

Kakaiba po ang aking lahok, kulay tsokolate nga lang po, di makakain ngunit maaring makapag bigay ng swerte sa atin. Di po ako Chinoy pero isang Christiano na nagbabaka sakaling swertehin. Wala naman pong masama di ba? Naki umpok po ako sa mga ilang tao dun sa SM Manila ng kami'y manggaling sa City Hall at eto ang nirecommenda ng nagtitinda at ito daw ngayon ang pinaka mabili sa year of the Ox. Di po mahal yan, 300 pesos lang po. Pinasadya ko po itong may kasamang Tigers's Eye. Sinama ko na pong isinabit yang 8 Shaped Charm na yan para di na daladalawa pa ang aking suot. Ang sumusunod na talata ay di po translation, hango po ito sa aking pag sesurf kung ano ba talaga ang dulot ng pulseras na ito.

"DZi bracelet with genuine citrine and multicolor agate is suitable for those who wants to optimize career, wealth and personal life effectiveness. Today, almost all feng shui enthusiasts are craving to have his own 9 eyes dZi for all kinds of good fortune, divine protection, good health, wealth, prosperity from heaven, double longevity, victory over foes, windfall luck and ultimate good luck; protected by the Buddha's eyes. This DZI will enable the wearer to gain power and influence. 9 Eyes dZi brings the most complete blessings, which helps to remove negative sins and dissolves all obstacles and blockages along your path. It could also protect the wearer against all kinds of misfortune and harm from evil. This fanciful design of the faceted donut citrine strung into "8-shape" symbolizes wealth luck for Period 8 (2004-2024). When strung with 9 Eyes Dzi, this kind of wealth luck is believed to multiply by 9 times further. Also provides a cleansing effect and eliminate dysfunctional energies. It also encourages family harmony and promotes marital fidelity."


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For easy cleaning

Well, you will surely agree with me that vacuums are a must. We own one for our vehicles and another for our household needs not just for our carpets but for taking out dusts from small corners of the home. These equipments are of a great help in easing out the painstaking job of cleaning. So I recommend you just have to grab one today!


taggies Part 2

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ghee, Thanks for these wonderful awards, well appreciated dear!

The Rules:
You need to list 5 addictions and pass this tag/award to your friends.

Here are my addictions:

1. Most current is Jollibee's Ice craze (crushed ice with maiz, ice cream & corn flakes toppings)

2. Salmon Sashimi and California Maki

3. Chocolates

4. Bananas (Latundan)

5. Bags & Shoes (I need a rehab down here!)

Ladies,what are your addictions?



It's tag time! Part 1

Dear Amor thinks I'm cute, ehe my blog pala. Thanks for believing so!

The rules:
1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write ten facts about themselves. Pass on this tag to ten bloggers.

Ten random facts about me.

1. I sleep with underwears off for ages, garters leave body marks.

2. I don’t have a passion for cooking but learned baking when I was younger.

3. I hate ironing but I can stand washing the dishes and doing the laundries.

4. I can’t sleep without tidying up the whole room, I hate clutters.

5. People judge me with my intimidating looks/facial aura; they say I’m “suplada”.

6. I can't pretend to be okay and sport a “plastic” smile, when I’m not, it just shows off. oh! how can I be a successful politician this way?hahahaha.... di ko ata kaya!

7. I’m sad not to buy anything (even just a little something for myself) when I’m back from the mall.

8. No matter how warm it is, I cover my whole body with blanket when I sleep.

9. I snore.

10. I love to travel (though I still do) but I'm scared of plane rides.

I wish to pass on this tag to these cuties:








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