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Get a quote

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Please do not forget to get a life insurance quote in case you are thinking of getting a life insurance. By doing so, you will be able to choose or get alternatives before you finally decide and hopefully you will get a big chance of getting the best deals. Since rates can vary, you have to diligently choose from these various quotations from different insurance companies so you can save a lot of money.

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A winter experience

I know it's no big deal for you guys who have four complete seasons in a row but for us who just got only two - wet and dry, the feel of winter (minus the snow) even for just a few days is really something else! Just when we got back home from Macau and Zhuhai, I saw to it that our air conditioner filters are all cleaned up so at least we can still feel real cool and accordingly minimize electrical consumption in doing so.

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Taking a break

Sunday, November 15, 2009

We’re Macau bound tomorrow night with my travel buddy Edna for 5 days. With her are three of her younger kids while with me is my youngest daughter Queenie and grandkid Kisses along with my cousins Laarnie and Allan. Although it’s my 3rd trip here this year, I still won’t get tired of coming back and forth. I just love the weather and the bickering lights which is somewhat like Vegas! I also enjoy the side trip shopping to Zhuhai, China which is barely about a 15 minute bus ride.

Another place which I wish to travel to is the Caribbean and would love firstly to visit the dominican republic punta cana. I heard it is a popular Caribbean vacation site with high class resort hotels and white sand beaches. It’s another great way to relax and get a break from the everyday hassles and stresses of life.


Anilox Cleaning

Thursday, November 12, 2009

In printing, anilox is a method used to supply or give a measured amount of ink to a printing plate. Of course it has to be kept clean for detailed and clear images and texts and all other given print job. Anilox cleaning is an easy and safe job when you use anilox cleaners at flexocleaners.com. Their anilox cleaners and anilox roll cleaners are EPA recognized as safe and effective for any type of anilox cleaning. They come in cleaning gels and cleaning liquids or both to choose from whichever you prefer.

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Burn those unwanted fats

Saturday, November 7, 2009

As you age, maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight if you're overweight may be more difficult. Your metabolism generally slows, meaning that your body burns fewer calories. Calories that were once used to meet your daily energy needs instead are stored as fat. Your level of activity may decrease, resulting in unwanted weight gain. This is the time you think and consider fat burner means to counter attack and burn those unwanted fats. You can check apidexin.com.


Job opportunities in Philadelphia

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Who says job is rare these days? Is there such thing as recession? I don’t think so, not in Philadelphia. If you need a job and stays near the area, why not check the philadelphia job search find job postings or local job openings in your industry or area of interest. You can also post your resume and employers will instantly find you! I will surely recommend this site to my friends looking for work abroad.


Brgy. 885's Trick or Treat 2009

The day before the scheduled Trick or Treat was stormy bought about by super typhoon Santi. Classes were suspended in all levels because Manila was placed under storm signal no. 3. I remember hearing roofs clicking and banging at 3:00 a.m. during the height of the storm due to strongwinds but with less rainfall.

The following morning was still gloomy. Hopeful kids kept coming back and forth to ask if the event will push through. We were blessed (not lucky cause I don't believe in luck) with an almost fine weather that our Halloween 2009 proved to be a success once again with attendance that surpassed last year's affair.

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Kick-off the habit now

Do you want to quit your smoking habit? The use of this electronic cigarette is the best answer to kick off the habit. This looks, performs and tastes like the real thing and much more delivers all the pleasures of smoking but doesn’t contain tobacco, tar or known carcinogens. Please feel free to visit PremiumEcigarette to know more about this and hear the testimonies of satisfied and happy quitters. I’m hopeful my husband will be one of them.


Another year!



I thank the Lord for all the blessing bestowed upon me.... a good husband, friends plus technology who brightens up my life and good health and strength that keeps me going in serving others. Happy birthday also to my dear darling daughter Queenie, may she mature and grow up under the Lord's care and guidance.


For cigar lovers out there

Sunday, November 1, 2009

No matter what precautions and warnings are posted against the hazards of smoking, many people still tend to be cigar lovers. If you are one of them, here’s a site you would surely love and see for yourselves many special brands of cigars you might want to try or you can give as presents to your special friends or clients. Here you will also find smoking accessories like air purifiers, cigar cases, ash trays and the like. Please check them out.