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No side effects!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here’s another way of losing those extra pounds. Tonalin CLA works by slowing down the lipoprotein lipase which is an enzyme which works to break down fat in our diets. It is actually comes from the natural safflower oil that naturally increases muscle mass while naturally decreasing fat thereby achieving results without added stimulants. Best of all, it has no known side effects associated with using this natural product. Know more through tonalin cla review at tonalin-cla.net.


Get an online degree

Do you want to get an accredited online degree from the best University? Then go and find out at accreditedonlinedegree.org. Get the full reviews of the best universities with suggested top three online degrees you can choose from. You can graduate in anything from business management to liberal arts and sciences. Get all of the best options and programs for your needs, even graduate with honors and land in the best job in town! Interested? Then act now.


My heartfelt thanks!

I'm taking this opportunity and making use of this blogsite to thank my constituents/supporters who voted for me because they believed the reality of my intentions likewise to my friends and relatives, Manuel Oreta, Edna Serranilla, Conrad Oreta, Feliz Oreta, Chit Oreta, Rhona Averia and most specially to my mother-in-law for the financial help they extended. Thank you also to my immediate family and household helpers who were around at all times just when I needed them most. Not to forget those who sent congratulatory messages peronally, through SMS messages and facebook friends too. I love you all!!!


Gifts for the little boys

Now, I need not worry about what to give the little boys this Christmas. After finding kidswheels.com, where I saw riding toys, my problem got solved right away. They have electric and battery operated ride on vehicles, cars, pocket bikes, pedal cars and more. They also carry a full line of operational components and repair and replacement of spare parts for all battery operated ride on toys such as Little Tikes and other brands.

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On to my 2nd term!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm happy to share my victory to all my readers. Yes! I'm on my way to my 2nd term as the duly elected Chairman of Barangay 885 of Sta. Ana, Manila, Zone 97, District 6 of the City of Manila. This time it was no longer a 4 point lead but a 58 point lead against my 2nd in line opponent. Here are some photos when the news from my watchers assigned at polling precints said that I won.


Her problem with blackheads

In our recent trip to Macau, I was surprised to see my daughter picked up something from a beauty store, a modern gadget to prick blackheads! I didn’t know that she has problems on how to get rid of blackheads. I then advised her to wash her face thoroughly with a mild cleansing soap specially the area around her nose since proper hygiene is the best way to keep a clear skin. I also suggested that she browse through some helpful sites that offer ways to combat this problem.

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Top treatments for herpes

Saturday, October 23, 2010

If you are not so familiar with herpes simplex 1 and its cure, this is the best site where you can get the important information regarding its treatments and cure. For you to know, it is a viral infection that affects the areas around the mouth and genitals. There are many treatments available for people infected with this disease but this site simply offers the top and the best and effective treatments. Get help from this site for quick cure.

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Ipod for the Winners

Thursday, October 14, 2010

In three weeks it's going to be my daughter's coming out party. We are all excited and thank God almost everything is planned out already. There are a few minor details left, but that's about it. Now I'm thinking of giving away maybe two ipods for the stars of the night provided they are dressed to the event's theme. I will have to ask the R's opinion first if he is amenable to what I want. I think this will be a good incentive to let everyone come in their best Hollywood getup.


The Ipod Touch

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I’ve been eyeing an ipod touch as a Christmas present for my husband. I would love to own one too since I saw a friend who’s so satisfied with her Ipod. You can just imagine having a media player, a camera, a personal digital assistant and wi-fi to download your favorite songs and games all in one handy gadget. The 2nd and 3rd generation includes faster hardware with all the added features of a perfect device rolled into one.


It's Official

Yes! I officially filed my Certificate of Candidacy for the position of Barangay Chairman of Brgy. 885, Zone 97, District 6 of the City of Manila. I'm running for my second term and vying for victory if it's the will of the Lord. Having served for 3 years from November 30, 2007 till the present, I know I had been efficient, honest and has proven my worth in terms of service to my constituents. My aim to serve for another three years is to for me to continue with more and more projects that will benefit the needs of my Barangay. I'm just hoping that people will realize my willingness and heartful concern of giving what's really due to the Barangay.