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In Search of Headphones

Friday, February 28, 2014

Josh my nephew is into online gaming. I always hear from his mom that he is in constant search of a nice headphones. He checks the net every now and then for good recommendations and goes ahead to read the reviews of what he discovers. I heard his Mom mention the brand sennheiser. I hope I am not too late in sharing this sennheiser hd280pro from musicians friend. I have not talked with his Mom lately so I am not really sure if the boy was able to buy already. Hopefully not, because based on some online readings, it was mentioned that prices are more affordable in that website.

A Reminder

 photo quote_zpsca70082a.jpg I just love this quote. It's a reminder not to give my all because if I do I easily get hurt. It's been my experience. At least now I am starting to learn little by little and I can say that it really helps.

Great Reviews

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I am one of those that read reviews before buying. I was never like this before but since it is very convenient to google everything now, it has become a habit of mine. I guess you already know by now that everything there is has reviews already. Aren't you happy that someone is helping you decide when you are about to buy an item? I am really. It's like half of my decision rely on reviews. Now for those ones who need game camera, here's a Game Camera Reviews I found online. This might help you decide which one to get.

Our Little Ladies

 photo apos_zps9283113c.png The newest addition to our family is growing up soooo fast. Seems like only yesterday when I carried them in my arms, fragile babies at that time. But now they are strong. My other app even turned 1 already. Gosh I can't believe it. Time flies really fast and before we know it they will be celebrating their 18th birthday. My oh my!