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Stray cats around Brgy. 885

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I was inspecting the neighbourhood premises (Brgy. 885) around midnight last night as I always do to check on it’s cleanliness and the “tanods” on duty when I saw stand by garbage awaiting pick up early the next morning. Most of these piles of garbage were all scattered by stray cats looking for what to eat. I remembered my mother-in-law offering a 100 peso (almost $2) per cat for catchers and dump them to far away places. I began the "Operation Pusa" this morning, the stand-by boys were so eager and I paid for 2 caught. I gave them the condition not to kill the cat/s because I know it may bring bad luck. I’d like to say sorry to cat lovers out there, but these cats are a nuisance to our neighbourhood.

Photo courtesy of http://taheny.com/2006_08_01_archive.htm