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Shopping – the best therapy!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I’m up on both feet again after my bouts with unsolicited pains from head to toe. Friend Edna with eldest Chiclet dropped by our home (before heading to their office) for gluta i.v. to be administered by my daughter Rhea. Just before they came, Rhea phoned her Tita Edna asking where they are heading for after because there’s a big sale at Rockwell today. Without hesitation Edna answered “oh well, my schedule is flexible”. So that’s it!


Today's best find but I hope for another one tomorrow

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Get the best deal on term life insurance

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Why am I always sick?

At least I feel a little better now but I'm quite depressed why aches and pains keep pestering me. If not headache from rhinitis attacks, it's stomach pains with uncontrolled bowel movements and/or frequent bodily pains. I hope these are just symptoms of PMS and nothing worse. But judging through the following photos from the past week-end's affair, who would say I'm ALWAYS sick?


Cuz Girlie's birthday treat last Friday at Dulcinea, Theater Mall, Greenhills.


With college buddies Susan and Macoy during a buffet dinner at Sofitel Hotel's Spiral Restaurant to celebrate Susan & Ogie's 25th wedding anniversary.

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LP#12: Itay

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bilang pinuno ng isang maliit na pamayanan ng Maynila, nais ko pong ipakilala sa inyo ang aming magiting na Alkalde. Siya ay si Alkalde Alfredo Lim na tinatagurian naming kasalukuyang Ama ng Maynila. Kung nais niyong malaman ang kanyang plataporma, mangyari lang pong silipin dito.

As elected leader of a small community (barangay) in Manila, I would like to introduce Mayor Alfredo Lim who's considered to be the present "Father of Manila". You can check out his site to know more about him - his goals and missions in governing Manila.

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Happy Birthday Cuz!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And she's one (dearie cuz Girlie) of the precious few I'll stick by to the end.

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When friendship ends

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friends come and go but remember to hold on to a precious few because as you grow older you will need true friends who will stick with you through thick and thin.

“I don’t mind you giving me up. I know you have personal reasons in doing so and of course I also had mine for saying my piece. If you think I had hurt you, well it’s up to you. Does truth hurts? I think so. No regrets then. “


Can wait till Christmas

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It looks like it’s not only the kids but adults as well are enjoying the fun of playing PS2 games. Though the youngsters at home still likes our old PS1 they are pleading to buy them the latest and handy model they see from their cousins. With the recent opening of classes, we had a very good and justifiable reason to delay the purchase come Christmas. Well if we have extra money for their whims we might even get them a PS3.



Thursday, June 12, 2008


(Ang larawang kuha sa itaas ay isa lamang representation ng tunay na kulungang aking nasaksihan pati na ang taong nakakulong doon. Di naman akmang kunan ko pa ng larawan ang pagkakataong ito.)

Nasaan ang katarungan?

Ano kaya ang inyong pakiramdam pag naka harap mo ang isang taong nakakulong ng walang sala at nasa harapan mong naka kapit at naka silip lamang sa rehas na umiiyak at nag susumamo sa iyong harapan at sumumpang wala siyang kasalanan? Madamdaming eksena di ba? Halos sumabog ang dibdib ko sa awa ng sa unang pagkakataon kong sumilip sa selda upang dalawin ang isang tauhan namin na ipinakulong ng isang walang awang tao. Ramdam ko ang init ng singaw ng selda habang siya ay aking kinakausap. Napaka kipot na wari mo sila's mga sardinas sa loob ng maliit na piitang iyon. Naroon ang takot na baka daw siya ay bugbugin sa loob kaya naman kinausap ko ang mga kapulisan upang siya ay maprotektahan. Kahit daw barilin siya o putulin ang kanyang mga kamay ay di daw talaga siya nagnakaw. Inaayos kong kasalukuyan upang siya ay mapyansahan. Bukas ay babalikan ko siya upang maipagtanggol ang sarili sa temporaryo kalayaan.

Where is justice?

What would you feel if a person infront of you crying and begging for help because he is being accused of a crime he didn't actually commit? My heart is bursting in pain and pity while feeling the heat coming out of the overcrowded cell. There's his fear of being mauled inside that's why I talked with all the policemen to give him ample protection to insure his safety. I'm working this out and hopefully have him bailed out by tomorrow so he can defend himself out of this temporary independence. How sad!


Over the counter diet pills

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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They both wear glasses

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Both my daughters Rhea Marie and Reyna Bianca wear prescription eyeglasses since they were approximately five years old. Until this time I’m still wondering why since my husband and I still have good vision. Had I missed some nutrients when I was pregnant? You can just imagine how often they change glasses from time to time because they love fashionable eye wear in different colors and shapes.


Congrats Ginger!

We were at the Circles of the Makati Shangrila Hotel yesterday to join BFF Edna's family for a sumptuous buffet dinner to celebrate her daughter Ginger's college graduation. Ginger graduated with a degree in B.S. Humanities at The University of Asia and the Pacific and hopefully proceed to become a lawyer soon. She's the 2nd among Edna's 8 children. Just like my daughter Rhea Marie who's hoping to be a Medical Doctor after taking boards this August, Ginger fell in love at a very young age and now has a 4 year old daughter. A wedding is set this August. Who says early marriages hinders one's aspirations or ambitions?
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


I thought it was missing

On one of our bonding moments, cousin Girlie were talking about what we earned doing sponsored posts. I told her that part of mine’s went to my new mobile phone while she said she got herself a white gold anklet . That reminded me of a gold anklet I bought a long time ago on one of my trips to Jakarta, Indonesia. When I got home, the first thing I did was to look for it thinking I might have misplaced and stored it somewhere. It’s great I found it!


For your medical and health needs

Saturday, June 7, 2008

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LP#10-Pag-Iisang Dibdib

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Photobucket Photobucket

Dalawang kasalan ang aking dinaluhan noong nakaraang buwan na pawang ako ang tumayong ninang. Ang sa una ay proxy lamang sa aking biyenan at ang ikalawa naman ay sa aking pamangkin . Silipin din po ang ibang larawan dito.

I attended two weddings just a month ago were I stood as Principal Sponsor. I proxied for my mother-in-law on the first one while the other was my niece's wedding.


What I got from my SP earnings

It's been about 2 weeks when I got hold of recent earnings from sponsored posts. Since the time I got to be a problogger, I conditioned my mind to spend the moolah on my personal whims. the first one was on an LV Speedy bag just in time for my birthday last November. This time I had so many things in mind which made me terribly confused on what to buy next. Will it be a new cellphone, another purse maybe a Gucci or another LV, a pair of round South sea pearl earrings for daily wear, a D&G shades, a tiffany necklace to match my bracelet or shopping money for a trip to Jakarta soon? Nakakalito talaga. Hubby told I hate money (galit daw ako sa pera) because I just have to let it go for things I don't really need instead of just saving. But what's the use of my staying late composing blah blahs to the point of tiring my eyes so much? Need I not reward myself for doing so? Well here's a part of what I earned and I'm happy! Oh di ba kung saan ka masaya eh di go.
A Sony Ericsson P1


Find the best swimwear

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer is the best time of the year when you can flaunt on the beach clad in your favorite swimwear. Since we had a wonderful time in the scenic Boracay a few months back, the family has plans of spending the rest of the holidays this time in the lovely beaches of Bohol. Preparations specially for us ladies – my daughters and nieces includes the hunt for women’s swimwear which is taking us quite a while since each of us has special factors and personal preferences for our choices. One wants a two-piece bikini while another prefers a tank top. I want a floral printed one but my other daughter loves plain and simple ones. But one thing I’m sure with is that both my nieces Jacy and Carmen who are considered heavy built will be happy with the site I found which offers plus size swim wears referred to as christina swim suits. At swimsuitsforall.com every one of us can find a wide selection of swimwear that would cater to our taste in all sizes, styles and color of our choice. Problem solved! I’m glad I found this site. Check this out now and see for yourself the best swimsuits you will ever find.


A day at the county

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday was spent with hubby Rey and 2 of our staffs at Cabiao, Nueva Ecija to atttend the wake of his townmate and an old-timer guard who succumbed to heart attack. We arrived in time for lunch at his Uncle's home (top photo) just beside the family's common home built(by my mother-in-law) for anyone of her children who comes by to stay. Unfortunately, we didn't even bothered to go up (hehe, we forgot) since nobody stays there but our Uncle's maid who comes to clean it regularly. The first floor is being rented out.

We had an early dinner at our driver's home wherein hubby's favorite dish of native sinampalukang manok, was served. While Rey was enjoying the meal I was also delighted in taking photos of the surrounding site.

We then proceeded to Uncle’s farm lot at San Carlos before heading back to Manila. While on the road, I told Rey how I felt refreshed seeing (once in a while) another environmental setting away from the usual daily surroundings.

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