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Not too busy

Saturday, June 20, 2009

After busy schedules the past days in preparation for my MIL's coming birthday, I was in a relax mode today and had all the time to visit my farms, pets and restaurants - I'm referring here to Facebook games where I'm addicted to.Late in the afternoon, I got the chance mingling with fellow lady Chairmen from Pandacan and Sta. Ana in one of my neighboring Chairman's birthday none other than former classmate Chairman Myrna Del Prado (the one standing with me in purple vest) of Barangay 887.

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Check reviews first

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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Comelec Registration at your respective Barangays

PhotobucketThree Chairmen - 883,885,884

The heavy downpour of rain did n0t hinder the scheduled COMELEC Registration for new voters, transferees (and voters with other concerns) of Barangays 883,884 and my 885 held at Brgy. 884. The day before June 4, I called the 2 Chairmen to a special luncheon meeting at our nearby Max Restaurant in Sta. Ana, to organize and plan procedures for an orderly registration which we were proud to say that it nturned out well as expected. More than 200 were registered before 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. even with just 0ne COMELEC's computer.


Matching gazebos

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Together with our official caterer, we are scheduled to visit the venue this Thursday for this coming affair on July 5th which will be at the Corithian Garden Clubhouse. Since the motiff will be some sort of a Filipiniana set in the 50’s era, I will suggest they put up gazebos similar to our native nipa huts. Native delicacies and can be placed here and will be served by staffs in Filipino attires (kimona and patadyong; floral polo and colored pants). It’s kinda exciting!


Declogging may help

Are you still wondering why there’s what we call “flash floods”? Although I can vouch that our barangay has very minimal problem with regards to flooding, but did you know that almost 60 bags of mud, garbage and other unwanted debris were collected from the drainage(s) of our small barangay in the span of 3 days of subsequent declogging? If other barangays will take active part in a regular declogging and of course impose strictness in garbage disposal, I’m sure that this problem can be minimized. If I may suggest, can you recommend a regular declogging on your barangay or areas to your respective barangay officials? They have funds for this purpose. What do you think?
Sacks of unwanted debrisPhotobucket Photobucket Ang taong putik


The merry month of May - Part I

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just to catch up with my missed entries, I just have to do a shortcut by posting photos of them.

May 11, 2009 - The "Bisperas" (The day before the Town Fiesta)


To continue.......

So much had been left behind - - entries not published of untold stories and events due to various reasons like my two time vacation to Macau and Zhuhai (first with my family and the 2nd time with friends), busy catching up with barangay duties, too engrossed with facebook games like Pet Society and Restaurant City, home and most of all...my husband has always been seated in our PC playing Poker and Facebooking too that my momentum for blogging had been cut-off. If you've read my previous posts, I've always been ranting about this.

Not anymore 'coz now I'm enjoying my very own desktop and hopes to catch up with history :)


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