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Fair to Tan

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

There was a time that I really wanted to have a nice tan. But for some reasons I wasn't able to achieve it. I heard that you won't really get a perfect tan during a vacation unless you go for a month or two. Short vacations just won't work unless you use spray on tanning. I am now thinking of using it too just to have a nice tan. I want to see how I look like. I have always been on the fair side so for once I want to see how I would look like with a perfect tan.



Photobucket Hey cousin! I need a drink with you! Hopefully we can have it soon. I have lots of stories to tell and it would be fun if it's done while having a glass of mojito or two coupled with a few plates of pica pica. Game?


Introducing...Medical Carts

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I haven't visited someone lately in the hospital. It means only one thing, none of my relatives and friends are sick. I thank God for giving each and every one good health. The reason why I mentioned it here is because I notice that the hospitals in the US are quite different. Everything is almost computerized. I wonder if this medical computer is being used here in the Philippines already. I hope they started using it already. You know how toxic it can get especially if the hospital does not have much staff. Having this computers can make the job easier for every medical staff too. There are many advantages when one has it. Hopefully the owners of the hospital realizes it.

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Church Music Ministry

One of my cousins mentioned that they need some money to finance what they need for their church music ministry. They are just starting to buy different musical instruments so that the church will have its own. They got suggestions on the brand they should look for. I suggested that they search the internet too so that they would have an idea on how much everything would cost. She mentioned that she came across this dan armstrong guitar and based on reviews, it is a good one. It is affordable too and within the budget. Hopefully they will be able to come up with it soon so that some of the youth can serve in their music ministry.

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