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Chairmen's Cebu Seminar in pics

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I just got back from the recently concluded Seminar of Chairmen from the 6th District of Manila. ain topic was about Disaster Olan. Though tiring as expected, I had fun bonding with other Chairmen whom I had developed friendships with. The Hotel where we were billeted was great, the food came overflowing and shopping for native delicacies and souvenirs were all fantastic! Here are pictures to share of the trip.
Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Mactan Shrine, Sto. Nino Church, Magellan's Cross, Taoist Temple, Tabuan Market.

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Better grill than fry

Saturday, July 24, 2010

In food preparation and cooking, we know for a fact that health wise, grilling is far better than frying. With grilled foods, we get rid of bad fatty oils used in the frying process. My husband Rey loves grilled foods not just because he is a diabetic. In every family trip we go, we never forget to bring our outdoor electric grill along with marinated food stuffs like lamb and beef chops. My favorite is milkfish stuffed with onions and raisins. Do you love grilled foods too?

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Friday, July 23, 2010

This year's LAKBAY-ARAL PROGRAM for Manila's 6th District Chairmen will tackle on an Orientation Seminar on Integrating Barangay Disaster Preparedness and Risk Management CY-2010. It will be held at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel, Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City on July 26-28, 2010.

I've been to Cebu City which is considered as one of the prime Cities of the Philippines thrice but the feeling of excitement is still up. Aside from the many beautiful spots around, the grandeur of the Waterfront Hotel, the yummy lechon Cebu, the camaraderie among fellow Chairmen and of course the added knowledge to learn from the Seminar but most of all the chance to see my brother's family and his newborn baby girl Merianela adds up to this exciting trip. Well surely I won't forget my ever reliable and handy Canon camera to document all the activities and my new Laptop as well. I hope the weather will be fine too.

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July 17, 2010 Brgy. 885 Medical, Dental, Opto, Feeding Missions

Monday, July 19, 2010

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Acnowledgments goes to the following:

Cash Donations in addition to the Barangay Funds

Lolita Oreta Vergara
Manuel G. Oreta
Councilor Dennis Lacuna
Councilor Joy Dawis
Councilor Joey Uy
Councilor Lou Veloso
Councilor Beth Rivera

Feeding (Lugaw) courtesy of our constituent Dean Melba Palcon of La Concordia College and her Nursing Masteral Students from Indonesia

Pediatric Medicines/Children Services, etc. from NCSD (National Council fro Social Development under UNICEF facilitated by Corazon D. Siya with 4 more volunteer workers

Medical Services by Doctors Jacqueline I. Vergara and Elizabeth Hipolito

Dental Services by Doctors Kagawad Alexander Lim and Ma. Victoria De Luna

Opto and Refraction Services by the the Doctor and Staffs of Acebedo Optical and

The Council and Sk Chairman and Kagawad and Tanods of Brgy. 885
Kagawads May Fernandez, Virgilio Rivera, Jr., Jacinta Bautista, Lulu Ignacio,

SK Chairman Benjo Areopagita and his Kagawad Ayin Amatorio.

Tanods Marlon, Ryan, Lito Genova.
Thanks you sooooooooooooooo much.

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Apidexin, the fast way to lose weight

Friday, July 16, 2010

Could you believe losing 4-7lbs in just one week? Sounds impossible don’t you think so? Why not go over the personal statements of happy and satisfied individuals who have tried the effective results of apidexin. Based on their research, they have created this world’s strongest fat burner even stronger than prescription weight loss medications. In order to accomplish this amazing deed, they had used ingredients that were clinically proven, patented and produced visible results quickly. Great isn’t it? I can’t wait to try this too.


Storm Basyang left a trail of destruction across Luzon

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Communication systems were down
Electricity was knocked out throughout the main island of Luzon, including the country's capital where fallen tree branches and other debris littered the streets.
Manila's overhead railway system was also shut down due to the power outage. Knee-high floods and fallen trees were still blocking some roads in and around the capital, obstructing traffic.
Shanty towns erected by squatters on the coastal areas near Manila were swept away, leaving the shocked, drenched residents to scavenge scrap wood to build makeshift shelters
The government called off classes at grade and high school levels in Manila and most college levels too
Several flights in and out of Manila were cancelled as the typhoon was passing but airport officials said their operations had returned to normal after the storm passed.
More storms are coming up, I have learned and advice everyone to prepare for the worse (knock on wood) in random order.
1. Stay at home if you are not bound for emergency trips outside.
2. Be sure to charge all electrical gadgets beforehand.
3. Stock food items. Batteries and candles and medicines.
4. Bring your important furnishings, appliances, vehicles in higher levels in case of impending floods.
5. If you are a paid blogger, don’t dilly-dally with your assignments to avoid cramming and delayed posts. Do your assignments ahead of time.
6. Get updated with the latest news via radio transistors.
7. First and foremost, pray for safety of each one and the whole nation.


All natural testostesrone creams

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All about Eczema

Are you or anyone you know is being affected with eczema? I highly recommend that you take time to log on to this website Eczema.com to get full information about this disease. They have this aim to provide you with the best and quality information about eczema. It was created to educate consumers about eczema treatments and help you find several resources to guide you in your decision of opting for treatments through their staff reviews, consumer reviews and researches. Find out which among the top three treatments namely Exemax, Eucerin and Aveeno is right for you.


The best diet pills

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It’s really hard to find out what are the real diet pills that work among the many ones offered in the market today. Enticing propagandas by media companies and print advertising are all over the continent to lure people on the effectiveness of each product. But which of them actually works is a big question. Well, there are also many websites in the internet that may help us narrow our search and eventually find the best depending upon the criteria and factors we are considering. Go and browse the site now.

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I was a witness

It was a happy experience to be able to witness an historic event that of the Proclamation of the Philippines duly elected (not through a People’s Power Revolt as how the previous ruler got her power) President Benigno C. Aquino III. Although everyone’s welcome to come, I was privileged to be invited as Barangay Official and was requested to come in yellow. I scouted for a yellow dress the day before but opted to get a jean’s top instead or I may come too dressy without the assurance of a comfortable seat. True enough we endured the heat, the long walk from Jorge Bocobo Street to the Quirin0 Grandstand. Nevertheless, I felt a feeling of pride as I watched President Noy’s proclamation and heard his speech. That made me a Proud Pinoy!


Get a degree online

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The quest for knowledge doesn’t come with age. It is a natural limitless process to keep our minds continuously grow instead of stagnate. If for one reason or another, you were not given the chance to finish college, you still have the chance to get an online degree via the internet. Get the hassle out of commuting to school on a daily basis because you can earn the best online degree you prefer right in your home or office. If you are interested as I am, you can check all the necessary details at bestonlinedegrees.org.

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The Tanod Outpost

I personally had this idea and calls it “A view from the deck”. I’m referring to this outpost located almost at the near central area of Lamayan where one of the night duty barangay tanod (guard) is supposed to stay on turns and get a full view of the Lamayan Street stretch while the 2 others go roaming around the vicinity or stationed in another post.


Comfortable massage tables

Monday, July 5, 2010

Unlike my husband Rey, I shunned myself from massages until I got a relaxing feel of it in one of his sessions. We normally have it in the comfort of our own bedroom by expert and professional on call masseuse. But would you think it will be much convenient if I choose and purchase one from among the massage tables offered at massagetables.com? I saw a lot of great deals here and realized that using this special kind of unit makes it more comfortable because your body is adept to the different massage positions called for. Best of all neither of us will be disturbed in bed in case one is undergoing a massage.

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Subsequent Projects

The Urinal at Brgy. 885

In behalf of the Barangay Council, we had a lot of factors taken into consideration before it was finally realized and became a necessity. There were some areas before that emits foul "urine" odor. They maybe (or really) caused by passers-by, pedicab drivers, offices around who do not allow their transient employees to use their comfort rooms and lastly even the residents around who can't wait to reach their homes to "pee". Why do men have less control of their bladder?