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Barangay Election (October 25, 2010)

Monday, February 22, 2010

It’s official, unless there’s going to be some changes. This is as per Comelec, aside from the scheduled National and Local election on May 10, 2010.




On the top!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What is konjac glucomannan? Sounds strange to us, don’t you think so? Glucomannan is a dietary fiber derived from the Konjac plant of South East Asia. Aside from the advantage of weight loss, glucomann is also widely popular for constipation, high cholesterol, acne and diabetes. It contains fiber which simply means that it absorbs water into a gel like smudge. This product will be perfect for my diabetic husband as it also decreases triglyceride levels which all of us know is bad for the heart. This product is also one of the top 3 diet pills in the market today.


Summer Fun

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Summer is finally here. Everyone’s planning to hit the beach, go mountain climbing, biking, go on a trip locally or abroad for a summer getaway.I have a lot of summer activities lined-up in connection with my Barangay governance aside from those that are family related. Well with this season, many are working double time to get a quick trim to look good in their sexy summer outfits. Who’s not dreaming of wearing a two-piece bikini?


Budget approved!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I seldom have the chance to go to the City Halls’ Session Hall and if I do so, I’m so excited, why? Because attending a session means one of the City Council’s agenda includes the approval of the Barangays’ annual budget and this approval is witnessed by the chairmen of whose budget is in the agenda.

BTW, Thanks for the treat! Shown in these photos are two councilors from the 6th District of Manila.


I feel blessed

During the recent visit of the noted Catholic healing priest Father Suarez, I saw with my two bare eyes these sick people who patiently waited in queue to be prayed over by the priest hoping for relief and some miraculous cure. Seeing them made me thankful and blessed. I can just imagine their physical and financial agonies along with their families who were there to give their endless support and loving care to their loved ones. I will pray that god will continue to give our family good health and that he will prolong Rey’s fight with diabetes and creatinine level from going up. On the lighter side, I was amazed with the patio cushions that decorated the stools and benches of the Sta. Ana Church Garden. It was my first visit since it was renovated and found the ambience so serene.

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Eating is her hobby!

My youngest daughter Queenie is turning eighteen before the end of the year. She’s excitedly preparing for her big day to look good and fit. Do you still need to ask where she got the attitude? This early, I told her to start eating right and for her to control her pigging appetite. I over head her when she was asking her big sister about appetite suppressants. Well, I can tell Queen to browse thru some sites to check among these suppressants which will best suit her.


Prevent hair loss

Got problems with thinning hairline? I think I’m beginning to have one and now starting to look for some hair loss prevention methods to at least delay if not completely solve it. Sad to say but no one can deny that aging has a lot of cons coming my way and just need to find ways to counter attack them. If you call these vanities, then call me vain.

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Sharing my love on Heart's Day

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine’s Day was spent with my constituents via a Medical and Dental Mission. Seventy-three were registered with various cases like hypertension, diabetes, cough and colds, skin problems and tooth extractions. Consultations, BP check, glucose tests and dental extractions were free plus medicines including prenatal vitamins for expectant mothers and other supplemental vitamins for children and adults. Though my husband and I just spent the day at home with nothing really special on that date, I felt happy sharing my love to my constituents.

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Love Day/Chinese New Year

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Here's wishing everyone,

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we the Council of Barangay 885 will be launching a Medical and Dental Mission tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. As usual, yours truly the Chairman will be handling Valentine stuffs such as artificial roses, key chains and heart pins to my constituents as well as passers-by and guests.

And ......




Anilox Cleaner

Friday, February 12, 2010

Anilox cleaner is a must for each anilox roll of your printing devices especially if there are hardened inks that are clogging its cells. In this site, you will find the best Ani-Gel Anilox Roll Cleaning Gel which is highly concentrated with a powerful mixture of safe solvents and active soaps which will provide the ultimate in periodic cleaning of your anilox rolls. Results comes in so fast that you will see stubborn dirt melt away. Try it now.


Need tiles?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It seems like we need to undergo a slight bathroom and living room renovation soon. Minor I should say because most of the floor tiles now has cracks. When shopping for tiles, we will see to it that we get sturdy ones which will last longer than expected. I don’t think they need to be expensive. I’ve seen a lot of cheap but of good quality tiles online like at buytile.com. You can go and check out their various cool designs too in case you have plans of purchasing high quality tiles for your home or office.


Barangay Updates/Check out your names

list of 885 voters

The official list of registered voters of Brgy, 885 had been posted by your Chairman (yours truly) at our Brgy, Hall for your ready reference.


1. February 5, 2010, Friday (tomorrow) Fr. Suarez the healing priest is coming over

Healing masses by Father Suarez at the Lady of the Abandoned Parish Church (Sta. Ana Church) - Tanod mobilization and crowd control scheme had been organized in a meeting with them last night. Hopefully, everything turns out peaceful, orderly and CLEAN (no litters around) since almost 3,000 people had registered aside from many hopeful walk-ins who'll be trying their lucks to be prayed over by F. Suarez.

2. February 14, 2010 (Valentine's Day), Sunday

Medical/Dental Mission - Will include free medical consultation and free medicines depending upon the availability, free tooth extraction from certified doctors including Blood Pressure checking.

3. February 21, 2010, Sunday and succeeding Sundays for 2 months.

A 2-month Fitness Program entitled "Brgy. 885 Loves U and Cares for your Heart". This is for the benefit of 885 constituents especially our senior citizens as it will promote good health and healthy hearts for them. Along with this, we have invited a special guest each Sunday to join us in a Kapihan and light breakfast right after an hour exercise.