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Kap and Konsehala meets

Monday, September 29, 2008

She called me and said she's in Manila and on her way to Quiapo Church for a Friday mass. She asked me if we can meet over for an early dinner. Since I have no appointment that day I gladly agreed to see her. She picked me up and went to Rockwell, shopped for a few items at Zara and had Japanese dinner at Zaifu. She's Rey's first cousin and Sta. Rosa, Laguna Councilor. I'm so glad she had quite recovered from a very painful and tragic event when her husband an Ex-Councilor was ambushed almost a year ago, October 28, 2007, not far from their residence.

In life, each of us has her/his individual struggles- the ups and downs as we may call and it up to us how we deal and face them along the way inorder to survive. Just take the courage and call "HiM" to give us more faith and strenght to overcome the strifes.


A "must" for everyone

A dehumidifier? It is some kind of a gadget for removing excess humidity from the air in a room or building. This is very useful for problems like dry skin, swollen nasal passages, sinusitis or rhinitis and asthma. This is a “must” for my family and everyone else. My husband has asthma (he’s an excessive smoker) while I have chronic rhinitis mostly triggered by various allergens such as dust and dry air. Check out this site in case you need recommendations on choices of the best humidifiers for you and your family.


Contact lenses for them

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My daughters Rhea and Queenie both started wearing eyeglasses when they were still in their elementary grades. Tired for being bespectacled for long years, they are now thinking of undergoing laser treatment maybe in a few months time for Rhea and Queenie in a year or two since she is only fifteen. In the meantime they wear high graded contact lenses on special occasions, during sports activities or just when they feel like leaving behind their glasses.


LP - Puti at Itim

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Ang Pagbabalik"
Ilang Hwebes narin akong naka liban sa pagsali dito sa Litratong Pinoy sa kadahilanang lagi akong abala, dili kaya ay huli na kung aking maisip at minsan ay may karamdaman. Tiyempo naman ngayong araw na ito ang aking nadampot sa aparador upang isuoot kaya di narin ako nahirapang pumili ng aking lahok sa linggong ito kahit hindi masyadong malinaw ang pagkakuha nito.
It has been several Thursdays since I failed to post my weekly entries for Litratong Pinoy because of several reasons like being busy, late and sometimes not feeling well. I didn't have a hard time figuring out what my entry for Black & White theme since the top I'm wearin today answers LP's theme.


Life is tough and you need to be strong!

Oh yes, I'm back blogging which I almost decided not to anymore. Well I'm thankful to so many factors that helped me in my struggles and come out victorious as always. I still believe that the remaining faith and trust in God was the biggest aid aside from my friends who stood by me and offerred worthy advices and of course my supportive mother-in-law.

Life is really what and how you make it. I'm glad I've reached that certain maturity wherein I'm more stable in my judgements and just do not jump to decisions that may further aggravate the problems.

Life is not always a bed of roses, expect the normal ups and downs and learn how to swing to the direction of the wind.

And lastly, Always remember that problems will crumble you into pieces and will not do good to your over-all aura..... in short "nakaka pangit".

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Dreaming of a Caribbean Vacation?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who would not want to go on a Caribbean vacation after hearing as well as seeing photos of how nice and relaxing the place is? Oh well, I am dreaming of spending time with my family and I’m sure the kids will enjoy frolicking on the beachside while Rey and I enjoys the serene and peaceful atmosphere which is truly relaxing. Vacation houses are not too rare to be found. While surfing for places to stay, I came across Wimco which offers St. Martin villa rentals situated right on the beach which I find a perfect getaway.


Petula Clark in Manila

Monday, September 15, 2008

We were not able to get the ticket price for the seats wanted since we just bought the tickets the day before the concert itself. Hubs and I together with my eldest sister left earlier and were at the Araneta Coliseum at around 7:00 p.m. an hour and a half before it started. Although we got the center upper box seats, still literally we are in the upper(most) part...OMG! Bragging aside, I'm not used to this seat. I've watched Sharon's Concerts in the front seat along with her family and almost deafening my ears, America Live in the Lower Box area, etc. Hubs even thought of buying a binocular. Anyways, one thing I noticed was that a majority of the crowd were all senior citizens, some were even in wheel chairs. Except for her missing out to sing my favorite song "This is the song of my life", we did enjoyed the night of soothing music. As expected, her Grammy hit "Downtown" blew the house down. The crowd were cheering for more and I was STILL expecting shé'll give in and sing the song I was waiting for, pero hindi! I was touched and thankful when hubs got me her CD and told me "Ayan pakingan mo nalang dyan" (just listen to that there).


CPM Software

I am sure our company‘s performance level and corporate performance management will be enhanced through this software from PROPHIX Enterprise. It allows a corporation or business to understand, act on and influence its business performance through software, processes and measures of business success in terms of performance indicators. It also of great help in terms of financial progress as it includes knowledge in budgeting, forecasting and reporting system.


Wish granted

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wahoo after much huhuhu.... I mean I'm happy after much tears shed asking hubby to discard for our office use my old desktop. Oh well wish granted naman paiyakan pa. I also bought a mini acer laptop for my personal use when surfing outside.Hehehe...techy na si lola.


Do you need diet pills?

Do you take diet pills? That’s what they always ask me every time they see me always fit and trim. As I always claim, I do not indulge much on food and my all time motto is “Eat to Live” contrary to what others do “Live to eat”. I have also a special fondness for nice clothes and I’m determined to stay in my small to medium range. What about you? Do you still need those diet pills?


Go go rodeo....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Had so much fun at Maki's 1st birthday last Sunday at the Ballroom of Alabang Country Club. The cute little boy is Chiclet and Chuck's 2nd baby and grandkid of BFF Edna. Here are a few pics to share.

With Edna's family

With Gina and Edna

With Connie


Nadine, happy birthday!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Isn’t it better to post late than not at all? Right? Oh yes I can’t miss posting my eldest grandkid’s 12th birthday last August 31, 2008, and almost totally forgetting an entry about her being featured in a locally circulated teen magazine Total Girl’s June 2008 issue. There was no party celebration just the usual family bonding – dinner and malling at Rockwell. I can sense she was happy with gifts received – a new cellphone, a digicam and some cash.


The modern look

How do you like antiques? Personally I go for some like jewelries, small decorative pieces and souvenir items but not on big bulked furniture. I still love modern or contemporary furniture for our home. A choice of these kinds from modernlinefurniture.com makes me dream of another revamp on a brand new look of our home more particularly our living room. How I wish this will come soon.


Amazing Bohol by Chance (Part I)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I had the slightest idea that my Cebu trip will bring an added treat - that is to bring me to one of my native land's amazing wonder and that is the Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

Here's the story: During the first day of the Convention when we were having a break just after lunch, I came across a booth, a travel agency offering a promo tour package. I asked the lady every details and knew then that Bohol is just 2 hours away via a ferry ride.I was about to sign up but but they didn't have a scheduled trip the following day since the seminar is still ongoing. I told my friend Sheryl along with her hubs Lew who were also interested to come with me since we are all booked for Manila by Friday. We decided to go and left the following day (Thursday) at past 7:00 a.m. for Pier 4 to catch the 8:00 a.m. Super Cat ferry bound for Tagbilaran (Bohol's capital). While aboard the ferry, we noticed my brother Mer a naval servicemen who I requested to join us was busy by then arranging our trip because as you know we went by ourselves and have not availed of a tour package. Luckily he knew some service crew who referred us to the Captain's friend for our transport. When we alighted, a privately driven Hi-ace van was already waiting for us.

Since it's past 10:00 am we decided to have the offered buffet lunch inclusive of a 45 minute cruise along (first itinerary) the Loboc River. The fee of P300.00 per person is good enough for the sumptuous and various menu of grilled fish, vegetable salads, meat, gintaang langka, sea shells, fruits and a lot more. Just when the boat is about to leave for the cruise, we decided not to go because we were excited to go on our next stop - the Chocolate Hills itself. BTW, before my next entry I'd like to leave you with a computation of the expenses we incurred which is surprisingly fair enough.

Ferry ride (roundtrip) - P825.00 per person ($18.50)
Buffet lunch 300.00 per person ($ 7.00)
Private van (P3,500.) 875.00 per person ($19.50) divided by 4, might have been less depending upon the number of heads for about 6 hours long drives. So approximately P2,000.00 each ($45.50). Cheap di ba? For Filipinos out there, may I request you to vote here for Bohol, Mayon Volcano, Tabbata Reef and Palawan to be included among the 7 Wonders of the World. Please spare a few minutes of your time.


Cebu, day 2

Monday, September 1, 2008

August 27, 2008

Just before the end of the first day of the convention, co-security agency owner Sheryl and long time friend in the industry together with her husband Lew, we decided to make use of the rest of the late afternoon to tour the suburbs of Cebu. I called up my brother Mer to rent for us a cab and pick us up at the Cebu International Convention Center. In our convention get up and with high heels (ouch!) we went on with the tour.

First stop was the historical Mactan Shrine where Lapu Lapu and his men repulsed the Spanish invaders and killing their head Ferdinand Magellan thus making Lapu Lapu the first Filipino to have repelled European Aggression. Next spot was the Magellan’s Cross Shrine, Basilica de Santo Nino, Taboan Market where we bought Cebu delicacies. The last stop was at the peak wherein you can view the whole of Cebu called - The Top at Busay, Cebu where we had dinner before we finally stopped by the Waterfront Hotel where Sheryl and Lew were billeted. The 1,200 pesos taxi rate was worth it.


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