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Invitations for any occasion

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Invitations for Queenie’s birthday is almost done, just a little editing and it will be out for distribution in two weeks time. I am so happy to avail of the services of a good supplier. Baptism invitations was recommended for a good friend whose son is to be christened this coming December 2. I am sure she will also be glad of the outcome of the invites. Peartreegreetings.com offers various invitations for just about any occasion or event you may require. Find out right away. Early preparations drives stress away.

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Produce more milk


Mother’s milk is the best milk for babies and breastfed babies has the best immunity against diseases. Therefore if you are among mothers who have been having problems with producing enough breast milk for your baby, it’s best you check howtoproducemorebreastmilk.net where you can find solutions and advices to give off more milk. Find Herbal supplements and drug remedies to boost and increase breast production. See the benefits of breastfeeding not just for your baby as well as for you like using up more calories and help you burn off some extra fat that has developed while you were pregnant.

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I’m always exposed!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Frequent exposure to sunlight can make the skin age faster than usual. In my line of work, I just need the best night cream and sun block to protect my (oh no!) aging skin. With projects calling for sun exposure like these ones we had done recently - spraying and clean-up drive against dengue mosquito virus in the vicinity of our Barangay, who doesn’t want the best skin care protection? I don’t want to sound vain but that’s me!

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Try Phentermine

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If you are on the process of looking for a weight loss solution, you may want to try using phentermine. Phentermene contains ingredients that suppress ones appetite. Phentirmene.com claims it has no harmful side effects; no prescription needed and produces amazing results. It is highly recommended with extreme effective in treating obese patients. If you are interested, please check their website to know more about this product. Who knows? This may be the weight loss solution you’ve been looking for.


YLCF, Inc. at Bacoor, Cavite

Hand in hand with Bacoor's Congresswoman Lani Mercado Revilla, our group the Yellow Ladies of Charity Foundation, Inc. helped in the Coastal Clean-Up and Planting of Mangrove Trees in the Coastal area of Bacoor, Cavite. Since our YLCF, Inc. President Ms. Anna Aquino has an important meeting with the Mayor of the City of Pines and other members had other commitments, only four of us were in attendance namely yours truly Chairman Marie, Cely Wong, Ate Vee and Meg. The half-day activity was worth it despite the heat.

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Check Apidexin's side effects (if any)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Apidexin is one of the most talked about diet pills today with 8 patented and clinically proven ingredients and has the makings to be one of the most potential and effective diet pills available without a prescription. It just doesn’t burn fat but it builds muscles as well! This is the one we all might be waiting for. We have to read the uncensored customer feedback to find out about apidexin side effects and if anyone opts to try the pills, be sure to come back to their site and leave your results to help others decide whether or not Apidexin is all it claims to be.


Sofas for your home

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Find the perfect sofas from modern sofas to contemporary sofas for your home. At BoConcept, almost all their sofas can be customized to meet your style and home perfectly. Check out their Sofa beds, Armchairs and Ottomans. They also have coffee tables, occasional tables, sideboards and entertainment units. See their various furniture collections not just for the living room but for all your home and working areas as well.

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Something for her

With friend Tess (on the left) at Bangkok's Fuji Restaurant with my God daughter Marigale

The day before we left, I was puzzled on what to give my friend who’ll be celebrating her birthday just in time we’ll meet in Bangkok. I happened to see a site which gave me the perfect idea on what to give her. I’m sure she’ll love those monogrammed terry cloth robes with her name on. The day after we arrived she picked us up at the hotel, shopped and had a sumptuous lunch at Fuji Japanese Restaurant at the Platinum Mall. She decided to open my gift and true enough; she was so happy and thankful. I was glad I found the right choice!

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Bangkok Trip

This was an unplanned trip. I was not scheduled to join this trip until barely two (2) days before the said trip my mother-in-law requested me to chaperon my youngest brother-in-law and family with another niece since they were all first timers in this City. She was also worried that another government revolt may take place as in the previous months when many tourists were stranded in the airport because of canceled flights. One more reason is that I have a friend whose family is based there and if anything happens we can stay with them for a while safely. Yes, she's that overprotective with her sons. She would have canceled the trip notwithstanding how much she paid for their tickets. I didn't had the guts to refuse her even though I know how toxic it would be. Imagine flying back and forth on scheduled midnight and dawn flights and just staying for only 2 days? Only 1 day tour and 1 day shopping, oh how hectic!

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Shop for insurance policies online

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One of the many important aspects of internet technology I love about is shopping online. One can buy just about anything you want or need a click away in the comfort of your homes, offices or anywhere you are via your computer. From clothing, house wares, medicines, food and even insurance requirements. I think personally that services of insurance agents are no longer essential since term life insurance quotes online are readily available in just a browse. There is also no need to go to insurance offices to inquire because all your queries can all be given clear answers via expert staffs online. Isn’t life getting to be convenient and easy?

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Home ventilation

Thursday, September 2, 2010

If you have a problem with home ventilation just like us, this site will be of great help. Here we can find gadgets to achieve a cleaner and healthier living environment such as dehumidifier, purifier and ventilation system with no maintenance responsibilities. With the purchase of any of these, I will no longer require my helpers to open all our windows, constantly use air fresheners nor use exhaust fans in order to drive out kitchen and smoke odors inside. You too can be assured of fresh and clean air in your homes.

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