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What I got from my SP earnings

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's been about 2 weeks when I got hold of recent earnings from sponsored posts. Since the time I got to be a problogger, I conditioned my mind to spend the moolah on my personal whims. the first one was on an LV Speedy bag just in time for my birthday last November. This time I had so many things in mind which made me terribly confused on what to buy next. Will it be a new cellphone, another purse maybe a Gucci or another LV, a pair of round South sea pearl earrings for daily wear, a D&G shades, a tiffany necklace to match my bracelet or shopping money for a trip to Jakarta soon? Nakakalito talaga. Hubby told I hate money (galit daw ako sa pera) because I just have to let it go for things I don't really need instead of just saving. But what's the use of my staying late composing blah blahs to the point of tiring my eyes so much? Need I not reward myself for doing so? Well here's a part of what I earned and I'm happy! Oh di ba kung saan ka masaya eh di go.
A Sony Ericsson P1