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Storm Basyang left a trail of destruction across Luzon

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Communication systems were down
Electricity was knocked out throughout the main island of Luzon, including the country's capital where fallen tree branches and other debris littered the streets.
Manila's overhead railway system was also shut down due to the power outage. Knee-high floods and fallen trees were still blocking some roads in and around the capital, obstructing traffic.
Shanty towns erected by squatters on the coastal areas near Manila were swept away, leaving the shocked, drenched residents to scavenge scrap wood to build makeshift shelters
The government called off classes at grade and high school levels in Manila and most college levels too
Several flights in and out of Manila were cancelled as the typhoon was passing but airport officials said their operations had returned to normal after the storm passed.
More storms are coming up, I have learned and advice everyone to prepare for the worse (knock on wood) in random order.
1. Stay at home if you are not bound for emergency trips outside.
2. Be sure to charge all electrical gadgets beforehand.
3. Stock food items. Batteries and candles and medicines.
4. Bring your important furnishings, appliances, vehicles in higher levels in case of impending floods.
5. If you are a paid blogger, don’t dilly-dally with your assignments to avoid cramming and delayed posts. Do your assignments ahead of time.
6. Get updated with the latest news via radio transistors.
7. First and foremost, pray for safety of each one and the whole nation.