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Bangkok Trip

Saturday, September 18, 2010

This was an unplanned trip. I was not scheduled to join this trip until barely two (2) days before the said trip my mother-in-law requested me to chaperon my youngest brother-in-law and family with another niece since they were all first timers in this City. She was also worried that another government revolt may take place as in the previous months when many tourists were stranded in the airport because of canceled flights. One more reason is that I have a friend whose family is based there and if anything happens we can stay with them for a while safely. Yes, she's that overprotective with her sons. She would have canceled the trip notwithstanding how much she paid for their tickets. I didn't had the guts to refuse her even though I know how toxic it would be. Imagine flying back and forth on scheduled midnight and dawn flights and just staying for only 2 days? Only 1 day tour and 1 day shopping, oh how hectic!

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