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Kap and Konsehala meets

Monday, September 29, 2008

She called me and said she's in Manila and on her way to Quiapo Church for a Friday mass. She asked me if we can meet over for an early dinner. Since I have no appointment that day I gladly agreed to see her. She picked me up and went to Rockwell, shopped for a few items at Zara and had Japanese dinner at Zaifu. She's Rey's first cousin and Sta. Rosa, Laguna Councilor. I'm so glad she had quite recovered from a very painful and tragic event when her husband an Ex-Councilor was ambushed almost a year ago, October 28, 2007, not far from their residence.

In life, each of us has her/his individual struggles- the ups and downs as we may call and it up to us how we deal and face them along the way inorder to survive. Just take the courage and call "HiM" to give us more faith and strenght to overcome the strifes.