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The need to quit

Friday, May 28, 2010

I had been experiencing terrible headaches the past few days that I become too sluggish with no energy to work anymore. So this morning, I ask my daughter Rhea to come along and find me a Specialist. We walked into the clinic of Dr. Monroy at St. Lukes’ Global City and had me examined. He gave me some medications and told me to undergo Nasal examination to rule out the possibility of having Sinusitis so we went to have an x-ray at HP Rockwell. After an hour we had the result. It turned out that it’s still chronic Rhinitis and migraine. Factors like too much heat, dust, smoke, bad sleeping habits and eyestrains due to my internet habits (might) have contributed and triggered my attacks not to mention my love for cigars. Starting tonight, I promise not to stay too late, wear my distance glasses daily and find ways to stop the habit.

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