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One special entry

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

If there’s one thing I’m thankful for being in this great world of blogging and other friendly sites on the net is MEETING and developing some kind of friendship with a lot of wonderful people. I’ve met some of them in person and still looking forward to having an eye-ball with the rest of them (you guys!). Just recently, I was so joyous, inspired and grateful when I came across this blog entry of Leonore a.k.a mommycool

Here it goes:

If there's one person here in blogosphere that I admire most eh isa na don si Kapitana. Simple citizen pa lang siya noon, one of the firsts who I got to visit when I was just starting and testing the waters ika nga and groping how to customize my blogsite. Nagkamali pa ako...hehehe...kasi naman magpinsang magandang nanay, I even called her cousin with a wrong name, haaay...ang sarap palang magbelly dancing...kala ko pangsexy lang yun pwede pala talaga sa voluptuous...ooops walang aangal ha. Basta marunong ka ng undulation, hip rolling and others. Ok yun. Basta ako sa room ko nagbebelly dancing. Ma at pa. Basta masaya yon, try nyo...

Going back to where I just left...hanggang maging Kapitana na siya...at ako naman'y nagbusy-busyhan din. Early this morning kasi I did some fast bloghopping to say TY to my recent visitors. I saw Kapitana so I went to her site...btw, sorry Kapitana dahil di ako nakapag-comment. Feeling stranger ako tuloy.

To Kapitana, thank you so much for that nice comment. It means so much. Keep on serving the public earnestly and stay as sweet as you are. Keep safe and stay healthy and beautiful always! KUDOS!!!