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Barangay 885 complys with R.A. 9003

Friday, September 2, 2011

First, thank you to SWAPP (Solid Waste Association of the Philippines) and their partners for initializing and spearheading this project Solid Waste Management in the 6 Barangays of Santa Ana.

As early as last year, series of meetings, seminars and the like were conducted as per invitation of this NGO (SWAPP). Starting April this year a more thorough and rigid activities including on-site tours/visits to model barangays and dumpsites were done. To be honest, I wasn’t that keen and interested because projects (it connotes expenses) usually proposed by NGOs are not included in the Barangay budget, meaning, NGO funds are limited to setting awareness such as orientation, tours and seminars only. What about the funds for its enforcement? Anyway, I salute the never ending effort and patience of our SWAPP volunteer Celia Dizon who didn’t give- up on my being “mataray” (scornful), “suplada” and indifferent at first. I’m sure the Lord answered her prayers to soften my heart……yeeehah! The prayers not only softened my heart but in the end, the full enforcement even made us her Model Barangay in implementing R.A. 9003 (The Solid Waste Management Act of 2003).

Expenses incurred from the construction of our MRF (Materials Recovery Facility), advertising and campaign posters and huge tarpaulines to the gears of our garbage collectors (Eco boys and girls) and all the other needs that called for financial requirements drained our budget. At this stage, I’m hoping for a hundred percent support from my constituents as we go along this worthy project we started last August 15, 2011, for a worthy cause towards a clean and well managed solid waste program.