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Solid Waste Management to be enforced soon

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We’re almost ready to enforce R.A. 9003 “The Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000”.

As early as 2009, Solid Waste Management has been introduced specifically to the six (6) Barangays of Santa Ana through the efforts of the Solid waste management association of the Philippines (SWAPP). SWAPP is a non-profit membership organization composed of solid waste practitioners from Local Government Units, National Government Agencies, Non Government Organizations, and the Academe. Their mission is to build the capacity of LGUs, communities, and private sector to manage solid waste problems in their respective areas through research, trainings, technical assistance, information, exchanges, and network building.

However, from such time on many activities came up until last April this year when the ball started rolling again. Series of meetings, planning, workshops and study tours had been done so we can enforce the law. Thanks also to the mandamus from the Supreme Court to the deadline set for enforcement. Actual steps done in our Barangay:

A Committee on Solid Waste Management was formed.

Plans had been set-up on how to go about this project.

Education and Information Program to build community awareness through meetings set with the constituents of this Barangay, Memorandums and Letters of Memorandum.

An MRF (Material Recovery Facility) site has been built in front of JagPhil at New Panaderos.

A Barangay Ordinance was drafted and approved by the Barangay Council.

Full enforcement started August 15, 2011.