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More than a Century Old piece of furniture called “Kupitre”

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My husband Rey was one of his grandpa’s favorite “apo” (grandkid) and since the time we got married more than 30 years ago, he always tells fond memories of his “lolo” (grandpa). He even kept some memorabillas of him. A couple of weeks ago, I was strucked by this piece of furniture I saw in our garage being varnished by our stay-in carpenter and asked who owns it. He said it was Rey’s. Then I knew that it came from his uncle’s home who got it from their ancestral home in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija their hometown. Upon knowing that Rey wanted it, his uncle sent this “kupitre” to him. And as expected, he has a childhood story (with his lolo) to tell about this kupitre. He also said that according to his mom, before his grandpa was born in 1889, this was already in existence.

What’s so nice about this is that when Rey knew that I really wanted this, he told me it's mine. Wow!

"kupitre" - a writing table