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The Chance to Travel? Will you deprive them?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

When I read your column in a widely circulated tabloid through one of our helpers rushing to me and saying “Madam, madam basahin mo ito, ang kakapal daw ng mukha niyo!” (Read this Madam, it says you are all shameless and hard faced, I felt a slight of pity not for myself but for my fellow Chairmen. Of course I share the same feelings being one of them but on the contrary, I’m a little lucky since I’ve travelled numerous times and been to different places here and abroad, but how about the others? Can you not just consider this a priviledge for their hard work in their respective communities?

Why do you deprive people of their chance to travel especially those who don’t have the means? Don’t you know of the fact that travelling expands one’s horizon? How sad it is for leaders who are inexperienced about the diverse cultures of other people. Travelling broadens the mind - it gives you insight and understanding into other cultures which can only be a good thing. Seeing the world, meeting new people, learning about things you never knew existed, broadening your view of the world, bascially. Let them experience growth and real knowledge of the real world outside their nest. They have an allotted budget for this annual training and exposure though not as big as yours because you are in the top level position. Mind you, they’re also elected by a mandate of people just like you! You were also like them when you started in politics, rooted from the Barangayans. The only edge you have is that you were born from a very powerful clan with both politically and socially active parents (as well as siblings), what an easy way in. Lucky You!

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