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Importance is Important

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can you refuse people who made you feel important? It is a great feeling that you are being cared for and made you feel special in some little ways is something that you’ll surely treasure and look back to. For you to know, I am one sensitive individual who doesn’t forget petty things and acts of kindness as well as those downbeat acts made on me, all these are embedded in my heart. I might have exercised personal misjudgments on people who somehow treated me with unkindness, took no notice or paid no attention to, disregarded or even snubbed me. Mind you, everything of these kinds registered in my brain and my heart as well. My decisions regardless of its outcome or consequences which I stand firm to the end depended on situations I previously mentioned. If odds will not be on my side, so be it as long as I have fought a good battle and stood by people who were also around me in times I needed them most and shown me the meaning of IMPORTANCE.