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The Chairmen's trip to HK and Shenzhen

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It was indeed an enjoyable and productive trip although I found it so tiring because everything was on schedule and we had to follow a set itinerary. You can just imagine handling a total of 109 Chairmen (some were a little "pasaway") aboard 3 buses going on different places. Thanks to the patient organizers and the tour guides from Las Palmas Travel & Tours and their counterparts in Hongkong and Shenzhen who took good care of us here and there.

One thing I truly appreciate was the abundance and over flowing food in just every restaurants we dined though the plate was just the size of a saucer. Well I didn't enjoy much of the shopping because everybody was in a hurrying mode as in mabilisan lang so would you believe that I bought a pair of rubber shoes for a nephew which were both right (parehong kanan)! which I discovered only when my nephew sent it back and told me of the defect. I requested our tour guide to have them replaced (?) as he was coming back on the 24th to be with the next batch of Chairmen.

I'm still happy that I got a chance to purchase something for myself aside from 3 denim jeans. Oh well.... My life is "Never Full" of whims and wishes.

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