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An able public servant?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I was so glad to receive congratulatory messages from friends mostly thru SMSes when some of them read an article about my being an able public servant published today in a widely circulated local newspaper, Peoplé's Tonight and most of them were teasing me about these very elating words descriibing me if I may quote as "beautiful and graceful" hahahaha. Although there were few erroneous information like -

- they should have stated that KAPITAN is a group composed of 33 bry. chairmen (not chairwomen),

- I didn't construct the barangay hall, I only converted the used to be dirty (as in dirty) kitchen and tambakan to a now modest Chairman's Office, and

- Sta. Ana Police Station 6 not Pasay City

it was kind of a different feeling knowing some people believes in what you are doing.

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