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Love yourself, no one would ever care for

Sunday, July 27, 2008

They were married for almost 28 years. The then pretty and slim wife devoted all her time to the welfare of her husband and children, the family business, even forgot her friends, social life and most of all herself as well. She grew not only sideways but with excessive poundage all over; aged tremendously making their 4 year age gap grew dominantly visible.

Now, the younger looking and “vanidoso” husband bumped and fell into a pretty, much younger and sexier lady who led to a terrible dilemma and ordeal of the wife. He seldom comes home and if he does – bouts and pleadings can be heard of from the wife not to leave her. What a pity!

Can you imagine yourself in her shoe when you set your world to revolve around him showering love and affection to a sole man for such a long period of time and also expecting that when your kids are all grown up, only the two of you will stick it out to the end?

To all ladies out there, - Take my word – Assess and evaluate the kind of man you married. Will there be a tendency that he’ll be unfaithful in the future? Can you depend on him when you’re old and gray, slim or stout?

Can you blame Destiny or “Kapalaran” in this case?