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She's Gonnabe a Star!

Friday, May 16, 2008

There is truth to the saying that no two individuals have the same personality. My daughters Rhea Marie and Reyna Bianca who we fondly call Queenie definitely exhibit contrasting traits and behavior. My eldest Rhea excels in academics and sports while Queenie loves theatre arts. She has special talents in acting, singing, dancing and dreams to become a celebrity someday like Lindsay Lohan and Beyonce. She always tell me this line “Mom, I’m Gonnabe a star”, which I do not mind and take seriously at all but advise her to make good in school.

One time while talking with some friends about our kids, I mentioned Queenie’s special likings. The told me to enroll her in acting workshops, let her join auditions for celebrity searches and seek talent agencies to help her develop her talent and confidence. Then I realized that parents should support their kids’ interests and guide them to succeed in their special chosen field.

Now, with my support I can say with high hopes that Queenie’s Gonnabe be a star!