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Prove me wrong!:< College Scholarship :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

It was such a long day for me. I had to wake up early for a hearing set at 10:00 a.m. at the Manila Barangay Bureau. Oh yes! Frantically true to what other Chairmen stated. They said you are lucky enough if you will not encounter a case or cases filed against you in the duration of your term. True enough a case of “Grave Abuse of Authority and Ignorance of the Law” was filed against me by a constituent for issuing a certificate to file action. I will not elaborate this case since this is a delicate matter and this entry might be used against me later. Last week I was a bit worried when I had my lawyer execute for me a counter-affidavit and submitted it on the date I was required to. But on the contrary I was ready to vacate my post in case the complainant proves me wrong. I slept quite late last night rehearsing in mind what to say to defend myself. On the hearing and deliberation proper, I can’t help being mad while expressing myself and stressing out my points. You see in the nth years of my life I haven’t been in court much less for any case. I’m not a political figure. I have clean and honest desire to serve and make the place I live in stand out in every aspect and be reformed for the common good of all concerned that’s why I aspired to get this position which I luckily got. If some people will come drag me and make me an escape goat to delay a case filed against him which can no longer be settled in the barangay level but in a higher court, go to hell!

To cut this short, the odds were on my side. Case closed! *winks*

After lunch, I went to the Office of the Vice Mayor to get his recommendation for a scholarship grant of 50% off from the total tuition fees of one of my poor constituent who would like to go to College but have no means. She’s the eldest of 8 children, her father a mere jeepney driver and mom a plain housewife. The total cost of the tuition fee for one semester is Php 13,000 plus but with the Vice Mayor’s grant; the amount was reduced to Php 8,750. which I promised to shoulder from my own pocket. What I offered earlier was just a Computer course at Datamex, one of the accredited schools giving a discounted rate of 50% through the Vice Mayor’s ISKOlarship program upon the Brgy. Chairman’s recommendation. The tuition fee amounts to just Php 4,000. but I thought of letting her take Tourism instead which I knew she really wished to take (next to Masscom which was not offered then). How I wish I have extra money to support more indigents get a College Education.

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