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Online gaming

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Honestly speaking, gambling or playing online slots is against my Christian principles and upbringing. My parents brought me up in a family bonded in love, kindness and most of all fear of the Lord. I was encouraged to go to church and attend Sunday Services, Bible Studies and other activities that will nurture me to live a righteous life. As I grew older I became exposed to worldly things and earthly desires that somehow and sometimes made me drift back from the road which I was guided to follow. One of them is my liking to take chances especially with money. Though it didn’t become habitual, still I cannot resist the urge to play when the situation is at hand and I simply cannot defy the situation. I remember how I had a wonderful time hopping from one slot machine to another when we were in Las Vegas and Reno. But would you believe how lucky am I that I have never lost a big sum since I started to play?

True enough there are times when I’m tempted to play slots online but the angel in me tells me not. Well, great!

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