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Names and their Meanings

Monday, May 21, 2007

Cuz Girlie tagged me on the meaning of my daughters' names.

I haven't seriously thought of of a name for my children to be till a few months before I gave birth to my eldest. I have a few choices then. I love the names Brigitte Marie or Michael Ray. But since my name is Marina (derived from marine or water) and my husband is Reynaldo (Rey means king, I don't know the naldo), I thought of combining our names.

Rhea Marie - Rhea should have been Reya Marie but it was misspelled maybe by a stupid
hospital staff.

Reyna Bianca - Bianca means "white" but she turned out "morena" or brown, hehe. Had I
known, I should have named her Reyna Morena... hehe again!

I'm tagging


Tina (KK)